[Mushin Ahm771] Strike the Blood OVA III - 08 (Subs + Reencode)

2019-12-09 10:51 UTC
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OK after taking a month i completed the overhaul of Stb 3 ep 8. 2 down and 1 to go. Ringoha's release of ep10 is good enough.and I wont be redoing it. The included subtitle file will work with Mushin release. As I said in my previous torrent I wanted to archive this in small size for my collection. As nyaa does not allow small sized torrents anonymously therefore the small size reencoded mp4 file of ep8 is included with subtitle files of ep 7 and 8 (which can be used with respective Mushin releases). Also due to network issues at my side, seeding may start in a few hours as soon i leave university premises. To use mux it with mushin release or rename it as the video file Rant Incoming As after working on the subtitle file for ep 7 i didnt get any comments at all so i dont think if i'll upload subtitles for ep 9 even if after i am done with it if you dont comment feedback for this torrent as i am super disappointed by the lack of response on the last torrent End of Rant The previous torrent of ep 7: https://nyaa.si/view/1193302 Credits: Timing: Mushin Translation: Mushin Editing: me (Ahm771) Also you are free to use, modify edit or whatever

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  • Strike the Blood III 07-08
    • [Ahm771] Strike The Blood III 08 (480p Reencode).mp4 (70.9 MiB)
    • [Mushin Ahm771] Strike the Blood OVA III - 07 (BD 720p x264 Hi10 AAC).ass (68.1 KiB)
    • [Mushin Ahm771] Strike the Blood OVA III - 08 (BD 720p x264 Hi10 AAC).ass (64.5 KiB)
Bro, you're already targetting a niche with the tiny filesize encodes, and then you have the small amount of people who stil follow Strike the Blood to pluck from, and it's made worse by the fact they have probably already watched this episode and any others... But hey, Whatever floats your boat...
Re: Rant I have the "No Remakes" filter enabled (which, considering you used subs you edited yourself instead of reusing Mushin's outright, that really shouldn't count for the "remake" flag), so I never actually saw your episode 7 torrent. And most people never comment on anything on the internet, ever. It is a severe vocal minority who do that. And most of the people in that vocal minority are toxic people who never do anything but complain. If you spend your time on the internet with the expectancy to get validation from comments on everything you do, you aren't going to get very far. With that out of the way, thank you for the subtitle edits. Native English-speaker or no, I absolutely appreciate your efforts.
Here's my 2 cents, keep them to yourself. You did not really improve enough to warrant a release to the public. The subtitles are still unwatchable by anyone with a half decent english proficiency, you do not need to be a native speaker and i am not talking about translation here. Instead of wasting time trying to do this, go enroll in an english course, or any other language for that matter, and master it as completely as you can, not half-assed like what you and Mushin here does.
Okay, comparing this and Mushin side by side, this is actually a massive improvement in legibility and grammar in comparison. And just because YOU think it's a waste of time, that doesn't mean it is. Even without literally translating between languages, every bit of this is still a crap-ton of work (trust me, I have past personal experience as an editor [and separately as a translator], I would know). The commonality in this community with the very same toxic commenters I was referring to in my previous comment solely valuing the work of the translator, and absolutely no one else, is honestly sickening. And from the way you put that, you clearly have never put any real effort into learning another language yourself. Oh, and "The subtitles are still unwatchable by anyone with a half decent english proficiency." This statement makes no sense whatsoever.
This probably frowned on but maybe it'll get to stay here. Finding the reworked Sub file to Ep 07 *Ep 08 can be dL'd (Still Valid 8/10/2020) from [www[dot]solidfiles[dot]com/v/5am2Wv5w3nzZW] & [www[dot]solidfiles[dot]com/v/XBZGv36pPevmW] I shouldn't need to say replace [dot] with . before trying it.