[Spike Chunsoft] Conception PLUS Maidens of the Twelve Stars (PC / Steam) コンセプション 俺の子供を産んでくれ!

2019-12-06 17:17 UTC
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![](https://i.ibb.co/0BgcZrb/Conception-PLUS.jpg) Will you have my star child? **KEY FEATURES** ■ The Stars Have Aligned – Deepen your bonds with the 12 Star Maidens to birth a new generation of Star Children with updated graphics! ■ Bred to Fight – Form a party up to 13 characters strong and fight through stimulating positioning-based battles! ■ Adapt and Conquer with the Power of the Stars – Featuring Stardust Labyrinths that transform every time you step inside! ■ The More, the Merrier – Flourish a new bond with a newly conceived character, Alfie the trainer! **Story** The main protagonist, Itsuki Yuge, is suddenly summoned to the magical world of Granvania to save it from evil Impurities. As the savior from another world known as “God’s Gift,” Itsuki and his Star Children, born between him and the 12 Star Maidens, are the only ones capable of banishing these Impurities. To return to his own world, he must save this one with the help of his Star Children! ___ **[IGDB](https://www.igdb.com/games/conception-plus-maidens-of-the-twelve-stars) / [STEAM](https://store.steampowered.com/app/906510/Conception_PLUS_Maidens_of_the_Twelve_Stars/) / [OFFICIAL](http://spike-chunsoft.com/ConceptionPLUS/index.php) / [MAL (anime related)](https://myanimelist.net/anime/37823/Conception) / [OFFICIAL (alt)](https://www.spike-chunsoft.com/games/conception-plus-maidens-of-the-twelve-stars/)** **Developer**: Spike Chunsoft **Audio**: English, Japanese **Text**: English, Japanese, and Traditional Chinese ###### release, dlc, and crack provided by CODEX ###### patch notes [change log](https://steamcommunity.com/app/906510/eventcomments/1638676181984479083) ###### no need to install ___ **uncensored as the Japanese PS Vita version with the exception of the "Touch Feature" which was taken out by the JP developer, [see here Censored Gaming YouTube](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K3Ny6Ktqt1Y)** This feature is still featured but for one scene only. [Official Educational Game Trailer YouTube 1](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LtvVPVHlGp8) | [Official Educational Game Trailer YouTube 2](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dv-vJ3HVbJQ) | [5 min Review](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p4gDJs3hExE) Contains multiple endings To use the DLC (Swimsuit Outfit) go to Options > Swimsuit Outfits: On ___ ###### [Game Sequel: Conception II Children of the Seven Stars (PC / Steam) コンセプション 七星の導きとマズルの悪夢](https://nyaa.si/view/1202153) ___ [![](https://i.ibb.co/0yTJh8y/thumb-slider01-01-en.jpg)](https://i.ibb.co/nwYcJj6/slider01-01-en.jpg) [![](https://i.ibb.co/Jm06G8J/thumb-slider01-02-en.jpg)](https://i.ibb.co/bPtKCJt/slider01-02-en.jpg) [![](https://i.ibb.co/d2JYp9Q/thumb-slider01-03-en.jpg)](https://i.ibb.co/bs8rNtN/slider01-03-en.jpg) ___ **notes**: Regarding the contents in the **Conception PLUS Maidens of the Twelve Stars folder** The decision is up to you, that is if you want to drag the entire folder to the root game folder and overwrite (almost) everything. This will give you higher quality 1080p video rather than its default 720p. About ConceptionPlus-Launcher.exe, there's two methods to open this properly **Method 1) if helping to seed** - Open the **Conception PLUS Maidens of the Twelve Stars folder** and open the **launcher folder** - Create a shortcut of **ConceptionPlus-Launcher.exe** to the root game folder then right click on it - Go to properties then under **Start in** change this to the location **ConceptionPlus.exe** if you don't understand create a shortcut of **ConceptionPlus.exe** and go its properties and look under **Start in** cut or copy that location and paste it to the **ConceptionPlus-Launcher.exe Start in** properties shortcut. Everything should go well when you click on it. This is the best option if you plan on helping seed. **Method 2) if not helping to seed** - Open the **Conception PLUS Maidens of the Twelve Stars folder** - Open the **launcher folder** and drag the entire contents to the root game folder - Open the **ConceptionPlus-Launcher.exe** to set your commands ___ About playing with a Game Pad As noted by a leecher [here](https://nyaa.si/view/1202153#com-3) on this game's sequel, if your game is moving on its own and having issues with your game pad (or keyboard) try removing the following entries from the **config.json** file. - "KBD_LU": [], - "KBD_LL": [], - "KBD_LD": [], - "KBD_LR": [], This should prevent that and allows game pad players to use their controllers more effectively. I did not run into this issue myself on keyboard but just in case. There's a backup of this file in the **# folder** if you ever require the full original again and to make that file more readable drag it to your web browser and copy and paste it to the **config.json** file. Also helping seed at least 1:1 would be appreciated. You can change the WindowMode default size by going to your *%SystemDrive%\Users\%USERNAME%\*Documents\My Games\ConceptionPlus* folder and opening the **settings.json** file in a text editor program like notepad. Adjust this section: "w":960, "h":540}}. You'll have to open the game once for the game to create it. ___ ###### **Troubleshooting** * Turn off your anti-virus program or allow exemption of the crack.exe which is ConceptionPlus.exe in the root if game is having trouble running. * ConceptionPlus.exe file won't open, receiving **Steam Error Application load error 3:000000065434** Solution: You're using the wrong exe file with no crack. If by some chance you don't have it anymore look in the root game for a folder labeled "#" this contains the backup file, drag / drop the contents to the root to fix the issue. * I'm receiving a white window when I open ConceptionPlus-Launcher.exe * Solution: You're out of luck because I ran into the same problem! Might be a Windows 7 issue or not I don't know but I can't help you further on that except this, open the **Config.json** file in a text editor program and manually input your commands there. Otherwise you'll have to deal with Chunsoft's shitty keyboard commands. ###### Make sure to have [Microsoft Visual Studio C++](https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2977003/the-latest-supported-visual-c-downloads) installed (2012 and 2015-2019) if on a 64 bit OS you must install the 32 bit also. ###### I've created a backup just in case if an issue arises. as I've slightly changed how config.json and gamecontrollerdb.txt is viewed to make it readable. You can extract the backup to see how it originally looked. ___ ###### **notable folders to be aware of**: ###### %SystemDrive%\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\ConceptionPlus ###### %SystemDrive%\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\ConceptionPlus-Launcher ###### %SystemDrive%\Users\%USERNAME%\Documents\My Games\ConceptionPlus ###### %SystemDrive%\Users\Public\Documents\Steam\CODEX\906510 ___ Alfie best girl

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  • [Spike Chunsoft] Conception PLUS Maidens of the Twelve Stars (PC Steam)
    • Conception PLUS Maidens of the Twelve Stars
      • #
        • backup.rar (36.3 MiB)
        • keyboard commands.txt (1016 Bytes)
        • patch notes - Nov 12,2019.txt (972 Bytes)
      • Conception PLUS Maidens of the Twelve Stars
        • data
          • root
            • movie
              • logo_spikechun.webm (1.8 MiB)
              • op1_jp.webm (37.8 MiB)
              • op1_us.webm (37.8 MiB)
              • op1_zhtw.webm (37.7 MiB)
              • s1_en.webm (1.9 MiB)
              • s1_jp.webm (1.9 MiB)
              • s1_zhtw.webm (1.9 MiB)
              • s2_en.webm (4.0 MiB)
              • s2_jp.webm (4.0 MiB)
              • s3_jp.webm (2.5 MiB)
        • launcher
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            • cs.pak (71.1 KiB)
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            • de.pak (69.5 KiB)
            • el.pak (120.4 KiB)
            • en-GB.pak (57.7 KiB)
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            • mr.pak (136.5 KiB)
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            • nl.pak (66.0 KiB)
            • pl.pak (70.4 KiB)
            • pt-BR.pak (67.4 KiB)
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            • ro.pak (70.2 KiB)
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            • zh-CN.pak (57.7 KiB)
            • zh-TW.pak (57.8 KiB)
          • resources
            • app.asar (1.3 MiB)
            • dxinfo.exe (2.6 MiB)
            • electron.asar (275.4 KiB)
          • swiftshader
            • libEGL.dll (138.5 KiB)
            • libGLESv2.dll (2.5 MiB)
          • ConceptionPlus-Launcher.exe (88.0 MiB)
          • LICENSE (1.0 KiB)
          • LICENSES.chromium.html (1.9 MiB)
          • VkICD_mock_icd.dll (339.0 KiB)
          • VkLayer_core_validation.dll (3.1 MiB)
          • VkLayer_object_tracker.dll (2.1 MiB)
          • VkLayer_parameter_validation.dll (2.7 MiB)
          • VkLayer_threading.dll (2.0 MiB)
          • VkLayer_unique_objects.dll (2.0 MiB)
          • chrome_100_percent.pak (163.7 KiB)
          • chrome_200_percent.pak (243.8 KiB)
          • d3dcompiler_47.dll (4.1 MiB)
          • ffmpeg.dll (2.0 MiB)
          • icudtl.dat (9.7 MiB)
          • libEGL.dll (106.5 KiB)
          • libGLESv2.dll (4.9 MiB)
          • natives_blob.bin (122.1 KiB)
          • osmesa.dll (2.8 MiB)
          • resources.pak (8.3 MiB)
          • snapshot_blob.bin (627.6 KiB)
          • v8_context_snapshot.bin (1017.1 KiB)
          • version (5 Bytes)
        • ConceptionPlus.exe (10.3 MiB)
      • _CommonRedist
        • vcredist
          • 2017
            • Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 x64.cmd (121 Bytes)
            • Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 x86.cmd (117 Bytes)
            • installscript.vdf (907 Bytes)
            • vc_redist.x64.exe (14.6 MiB)
            • vc_redist.x86.exe (13.7 MiB)
      • data
        • root
          • movie
            • logo_spikechun.webm (573.9 KiB)
            • op1_jp.webm (11.8 MiB)
            • op1_us.webm (11.0 MiB)
            • op1_zhtw.webm (11.8 MiB)
            • s1_en.webm (542.7 KiB)
            • s1_jp.webm (562.0 KiB)
            • s1_zhtw.webm (559.5 KiB)
            • s2_en.webm (1.3 MiB)
            • s2_jp.webm (1.4 MiB)
            • s3_jp.webm (950.0 KiB)
      • licenses
        • SDL2.txt (930 Bytes)
        • bullet.txt (1022 Bytes)
        • glfw.txt (934 Bytes)
        • libogg.txt (1.4 KiB)
        • libvorbis.txt (1.5 KiB)
        • zlib.txt (1.1 KiB)
      • 00000000.cfsi (4.8 GiB)
      • ConceptionPlus.cdx (10.3 MiB)
      • ConceptionPlus.exe (10.3 MiB)
      • GameOverlayRenderer64.dll (1.5 MiB)
      • OpenAL32.dll (957.6 KiB)
      • SDL2.dll (1.2 MiB)
      • avcodec-58.dll (17.3 MiB)
      • avdevice-58.dll (782.0 KiB)
      • avfilter-7.dll (4.0 MiB)
      • avformat-58.dll (3.4 MiB)
      • avutil-56.dll (1.3 MiB)
      • bgm.cfsi (109.8 MiB)
      • codex64.dll (130.3 KiB)
      • config.json (1.0 KiB)
      • gamecontrollerdb.txt (35.6 KiB)
      • libcurl.dll (382.0 KiB)
      • steam_api64.cdx (244.8 KiB)
      • steam_api64.dll (244.8 KiB)
      • steam_emu.ini (1.6 KiB)
      • steamclient64.dll (297.3 KiB)
      • swresample-3.dll (695.5 KiB)
      • swscale-5.dll (1.2 MiB)
      • unins000.dat (93.7 KiB)
      • unins000.exe (1.5 MiB)
      • voice.cfsi (1.3 GiB)
    • extra
      • Conception PLUS- Maidens of the Twelve Stars Image 1.jpg (202.9 KiB)
      • Conception PLUS- Maidens of the Twelve Stars Image 2.jpg (446.6 KiB)
      • Conception PLUS- Maidens of the Twelve Stars Image 3.jpg (439.0 KiB)
      • Conception PLUS- Maidens of the Twelve Stars logo.png (138.7 KiB)
Hey thanks a lot and just a request... can you do all Danganronpa games please? Thanks
@surume It's steam so it should be uncensored
Anybody know if the blank white box on the launcher really a problem with Windows 7? Steam says the game minimum is Windows 8.
You really should stop using Windows 7 already, it will stop being supported next month (many game companies are already putting out warnings about no longer supporting Windows 7), you should be using Windows 8.1 or 10 with 10 being the best choice imho. I've been using Windows 10 since it came out and I've had hardly any issues with it, it has way better performance then previous OSs, the only real downfall to Windows 8 and 10 is DirectDraw is no longer supported and is no longer provided with the OSs which can prevent some old visual novels from working or anything that needed DirectDraw. Also ignore anyone who calls it the spyOS because that is wrong and they don't know what the hell they're talking about.
Can someone reupload this https://nyaa.si/view/841743 (Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars by CODEX) or provide more seeders for it (it currently has no seeders just leechers also only 0.5% seems to be available)?
@Shaun Uh no I won't. And it is a spy OS. Ex Microsoft employees knows more than ya dude that this is a spy OS with their hand full of telemetry plus that support are for network people not the regular users. I'd know since I use to use Windows Vista with zero issues till google chrome stopped supporting it and only then that's when I had no choice. Further, they have recommended how to block them and what not so if you're fine with them using your bandwidth without your permission that's on you. Anyways, from what lil I read regarding DirectDraw can it be fixed just installing DirectX? I like to know this just in case as I got old VNs too. I would of preferred better if my inquiry was answered instead of reading somebody shilling for Windows 10.
DirectX no longer comes with DirectDraw, 8 and 10 can't use it anyways due to no support. Windows 10 does not and never will use my bandwidth without my permission and no it is not a spy OS that is just bullshit, why you guys like to make shit up is beyond me.
I'm certain Microsoft loves customers just like you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZiSiEwKSYc and tons more
Can anyone upload their complete savefile (new game plus unlock) please?