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Lord Starfish: Translation, Timing, Typesetting (The easy part of it) Puto: Editing Licca: Timing Toa of Gallifrey: Quality Check bluesun: Translation Check, Song Translation The0x539: Typesetting (The complicated part of it)

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Thx for the release... :)
I can't see the English subbed text in video? Why?
thank you!!!!!!!!
wait since when does SS not use the english moves any more? destruction beam? lightning speed? pls switch back
since this https://nyaa.si/view/1178545 >-Pokémon move names now only use the official English terms IF we feel those are sufficiently accurate translations of the Japanese. So while Lizardon’s “Flamethrower” gets to keep its current name, “hakai kousen” is now “Destroyer Beam” rather than the official “Hyper Beam”. Put simply, throughout Sun & Moon there have been so many instances where we’ve felt the official English names have made things difficult for us, (mostly with Kukui’s move puns) and so we figured moving forward we’d just avoid that issue by actually using direct translations. personally i don't see how "destroyer beam" is so much of an improvement that it's worth confusing basically 99% of the people downloading the subs
Thank you guys!!
Thank you for started 1080p
Thank you guys!
As I'm just the timer, I don't really have much skin in this game, but I'll bite. My opinion has always been, a fansubber should translate what's being said, full stop. If what they're saying means X, then translate it as X. As such, I always used direct translations of all the attack names. It has been said that no single option will please the entire fanbase. I honestly don't care what any given fandom prefers and would rather do what I believe to be correct, regardless of anyone else's opinions.