[SCY] Fate Stay Night Heaven's Feel I. - Presage Flower (BD 1080p Hi10 FLAC) [Dual-Audio]

2019-11-30 19:22 UTC
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**- 1080p -** Audio Track 1 (Default): English 5.1 FLAC Audio Track 2: Japanese 5.1 FLAC Subtitle Track 1 (Default): English Signs & Songs (.ASS) Subtitle Track 2: English Dialogue [daraku modified] (.ASS) Subtitle Track 3: English Dialogue [Kametsu modified] (.ASS) Dual-audio remux featuring my own 1080p encode and modified daraku/kametsu subtitles. I made some very slight changes to the dialogue styling for both tracks. I replaced many of daraku's signs with the ones from Kametsu as I deemed them to look better, though I did keep most of daraku's translations. Kametsu's track was missing a few signs, so I got those from daraku instead. In short, both tracks now feature identical typesetting. Not much else was changed, except for a typo in daraku's ED translation (minuature -> miniature). Video filtering: rescaling, anti-aliasing, adaptive BM3D denoising, debanding and adaptive grain. 1080p elements were filtered separately. Enjoy!

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  • [SCY] Fate Stay Night Heaven's Feel I. - Presage Flower (BD 1080p Hi10 FLAC) [310512EE].mkv (12.8 GiB)
Thank you as always for your continued work and effort. I'm holding out for Spring Song to watch all of these haha.
Note: there's a typo in the daraku track @ 05:32, with "knives" written as "kinves". A small thing but I figured I might as well point it out.
Any major difference between this and the Kametsu release?

Scyrous (uploader)

@TheSandedManuscript - yeah, I was told there's a few. I didn't go through the dialogue to check for mistakes. I only noticed 'minuature' because I skimmed through the ED. If I decide to batch the three movies at some point, I'll go over everything, but until then I won't be fixing any of these smaller mistakes. @VON-Encodes - Better video encode, better JPN audio, and of course the inclusion of daraku's script, which is an original translation and a much-needed improvement over the Aniplex script.
@SCY : Will you be doing the other/future Heaven's Feel movies?
How does the daraku encode compare to this? Is there an improvement in the video quality?
Can you show us any examples of the much-needed improvement over the Aniplex script?
SCY is holding the fort! Thanks for this release.
Amazing work!!!

Scyrous (uploader)

@whobedaplaya - yes. @SilverFullbuster - daraku is more denoised and has more artifacting, but otherwise it's fine. I mainly looked at beatrice-raws (which is what I used for the Kametsu release), as that used the best video at the time. @AngelDust - it's Aniplex... do you really need examples? One look at the script should tell you enough. :P
Is this a remux??
> description says: featuring my own 1080p encode > Gnosis asks: Is this a remux?? Maybe try reading?
He's asking if it's a remux because it says in the description that it is both an encode and remux which are two separate things
Best Release!! Thanks a bunch for this! I hope proper sub came out for the second movie <3
Thanks. I'd suggest others to use the Kametsu subs, cuz daraku subs display the names not the same as you hear in the audio, which is just retarded.