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2019-11-30 09:45 UTC
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OverTime recently announced that they were dropping Star Twinkle Precure because of IRL issues with their translator. They are dearly missed. A kind anon (using the tag “Anon”) has been posting subs that are just the subtitle file only with no video. Anon’s translations are actually really good. Except that they take a lot of liberties with names and so forth that kinda riled some of the fandom. Some people like that stuff, and if you’re one of those, see the alternate track info below. If you preferred OverTime’s subs, then this is for you. This is Anon’s subs (because the TL was good!), but cleaned up with the stuff people preferred about OverTime changed back to OverTime’s style. The names are all back how OverTime spelled them, all the "kirayaba"s are back to “twincool”. Anon’s original subs are included as an alternate sub track, for the benefit of those who liked Anon’s subs but hated having to track down a raw to pair it with. Hit the toggle subtitles key in your player to switch to it. If you have a cool player like IINA you can actually show both tracks at once (it drops styling on the second track and positions it away from the first one) and compare them side by side. Enjoy! Naming notes: The fortune teller is named "Hakkenyan". "hakke" is one of the ways to say fortune teller in Japanese. Anon translated that to "Meowseer" which actually makes a lot of sense ("seer' is another way to see fortune teller in English). In the spirit of Overtime I left it as Hakkenyan in my version of the subs. As long as we're on the subject of names, "bake" (in Japanese) is to transform oneself. So "Bakenyan" was a "transforming cat". Hindsight is 20/20 and all that.

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  • [AnonimOT] Star☆Twinkle Precure - 38 [720p][E54F2D94].mkv (586.7 MiB)
the gift that just keeps on giving
Just a suggestion. Perhaps you could work on Episode 42 next when the raw and anon's sub come out for the people who have already seen episodes 39-41 with anon's sub. Either way, you're catching up pretty fast so maybe it doesn't really matter.
@HuckDFaters I wouldn't mind this. I liked Overtimes releases, but they started getting slower and I kinda just got used to Anon coming out with them really soon. AnonimOT seems to be getting these backlogged episodes out really quickly after each other, so I could definitely go for these instead.