A Kite (1998) [uncensored] (BDRip 1440x1076p x265 HEVC FLACx2 2.0x2)(Dual Audio)[sxales]

2019-11-23 01:59 UTC
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![alt text](https://i.imgur.com/EIqGlFo.jpg "Cover") > Sawa is a school girl, an orphan, and an assassin. She is being controlled by a corrupt cop who gives her targets to kill, detailing to her the crimes these men have committed in order to justify their death. Some of his power over Sawa has to do with her deceased parents and the promise of revenge. When another orphan, a teenage boy called Oburi, is brought in to assist Sawa, the two teenage killers form a bond of sorts. As they heal each other's emotional wounds, they begin to dream of a life that would not be spent under the shadows of murder. ... [source MAL](https://myanimelist.net/anime/320/A_Kite) Encoded from the US BD. The retail English subtitles don't close caption any instances of spoken English in the Japanese dub. Dual Audio: Japanese (stereo FLAC), English (stereo FLAC). This is from the "Director's cut" blu-ray which merges the 2 OVA episodes into a single film. It is fully uncensored and does feature depictions of hardcore sex. This is an odd remaster. I guess there were some issues with the original sources so most (~90%) is a proper HD remaster but a handful of shots are upscaled. [DDL](https://mega.nz/#F!gQZiTIgY!fxMAKoigX_O9rAgifumFyA) I would appreciate any help seeding.

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mm i think this count as hentai
Eu sou brasileiro e o anime me interessou. Pode contar comigo para semear

sxales (uploader)

It is x-rated but it is not strictly pornography.
Delete this completely uncensored hentai from this site. Put this on sukubei.


This Christian anime is looking a bit weird.

sxales (uploader)

I asked the mods on irc and they said it was OK so I am going to leave it up.
if you can see dick it means it is hentai
Thanks for the share.
Nice it's a classic even though there's some tonal inconsistencies
@ tsuna69. see dick is hentai... what about boobs? or for an example the move Fifty Shades of Grey, is that classed as porn?.. @fakeId. this anime is 18 restricted and not porn.. so why move it?
i mean why do censored dicks even go in sukebei. they should be here.
anidb has this entry age restricted and MAL has it with a hentai tag. all in all if there's visible genitalia in sexual situations, especially intercourse, its hentai. Boobs are okay cus it doesn't have a function in intercourse. And this is not a version with the sex scenes cut out If you search "A Kite" this is the ONLY torrent with the sex scenes uncut on not-sekubei Its hentai. I think you should move it, personally. I don't understand why the mods let this one slide. It's unfair to everyone else who had the decency to upload their A-Kite torrents to sekubei and not here.
> "Nyaa.si is for work-safe content only. The following rules apply: > No pornography of any kind." > > Black Bible, Oni Chichi, ... when?? > Keep 'em coming LOL.
@Nokou: There is no scope of argument here. Seeing boobs in an anime does not necessarily mean it's hentai, but seeing dick is. May be that's because boobs are not genital organs. That's the definition. Take it or leave it. And exactly how do you know that it's not porn?
can you do an encode of mezzo forte bd if you have it?

sxales (uploader)

@fakeId There are roughly 3 minutes of sex in this 51 minute OVA. If you are thinking of downloading this for sexual arousal, you're going to be very disappointed. There is no clear cut rules for what is and isn't pornography but I would suggest that at least be primarily focused on sexual arousal is a good place to start. Shinmai Maou no Testament is more sex oriented than A Kite. @skrullz I am limiting myself, at the moment, to pre-2000s anime. My goal is to provide older series which are less popular among the online community but which have received HD releases.
@everyone This isn't a "hentai", but it's like a good movie where are some "hot" scenes in it (and I don't mean just with some parts exposed) =)) I have nothing against it, but it's against the rules of this part of the website. Sukebei and Nyaa are the two sides of a coin so there's no harm for this to be on Sukebei.
This is Hentai... :v wokwokkwkok I am a simple man I see hentai I click.
There are plenty of live action movies with uncensored dick that are not porn, by that same metric this is not hentai.
@sxales, have you considered doing Kite Liberator? QTS shared BD raws here: https://nyaa.si/view/1164767
Who cares if its H its kino. Kino should be the only rule.
dicc with no f**king means hentai
@everyone Hi again! Long time no see and all. I've made a release for these OVAs on Sukebei, go get it! [Right-Click > Open link in a new tab](https://sukebei.nyaa.si/view/3231809 "A Kite BD/DVDRemuxes")
Thanks! (─‿‿─)
> I guess there were some issues with the original sources so most (~90%) is a proper HD remaster but a handful of shots are upscaled. There were no issues. It is a US BD completely censored + original scenes including sex form the DVD.
Who's here after watching The Anime Man video about this?
Congratulations to the one sick fucker who fapped to this.
@gearbeitet Look I couldn't help that the NTR scene toward the end was that good...