The Super Dimension Fortress Macross - Do You Remember Love [1080p] (VOSTFR - GSK + VF - VHS).mkv

2019-11-19 20:28 UTC
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C'est un upgrade de mon rip de la VHS du film Macross DYRL en version Française officiel. Récupérer par Marvin, il a prit l'audio de la VF du film et calquer sur une version Blu-Ray Japonaise non-censuré. Il a aussi laisser la VOSTFR pour les puristes faisant de cette version la plus complète possible. ![alt text]( Extrait de la VF :

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  • The Super Dimension Fortress Macross - Do You Remember Love (VOSTFR - GSK + VF - VHS).mkv (3.3 GiB)

Jehuty06 (uploader)

De rien ! Par contre ça va prendre du temps à le propager avec ma co mais je le seed indéfiniment donc si c'est pas aujourd'hui, ça arrivera demain voir plus tard :p
Issues with the sync of the French dub: - The PAL to NTSC conversion was done by changing the tempo, which works well often, but in this case the music pitch sounds off when compared to the JP tracks in my opinion. Speed change works better here. - The syncing is off by more than 100ms in some parts. Did my own sync by conforming both the VHS rip audio and video (for reference) to 00003.m2ts / 00001.mpls of the 2016 BD (this torrent has the same timing). A few parts are off by 1 frame (42ms) very briefly in hard to edit spots and the few distortions in the rip have not been fixed.!TwcmCa6a!Ee2tC7nI1mJqTvm-vBhFQ5XRVwZVotReJK4J4uHOOLg To sync this to the playlist file of the theatrical cut (00002.mpls), remove the first 17935 ms at the beginning.

Jehuty06 (uploader)

@Scav Well I don't understand everything but thank you for your upgrade ! :)