[FumeiCaps] Songs of Tokyo - #06 TOKYO COOL GIRLS Special [2019.11.18] (NHK World 1080i H264) [A8681109].ts

2019-11-18 11:42 UTC
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**Songs of Tokyo Episode 06 - TOKYO COOL GIRLS Special** ASCA / Juice=Juice / Reol / Sayaka Yamamoto Tokyo’s most exciting female artists take the stage! Source: HDTV | NHK World (Sky UK Satellite) - rebroadcast capture Video: 1920x1080i H264 Audio: AC3 + MP2 NHK World shows are always have English subtitle or English dubbed. --- As the 2020 Olympics approach, Japan is aiming to go beyond just sports and share their culture with the world, with SONGS OF TOKYO airing music specials in 2017 and 2018 to help spread Japanese music internationally. Thanks to a strong response from fans, SONGS OF TOKYO started airing new episodes every month beginning this past April. The upcoming episode 6 will be featuring four of Tokyo’s coolest and most popular female artists of 2019. Sayaka Yamamoto, a singer-songwriter who is blazing new trails for herself after graduating from AKB48, the superstar idol group where Yamamoto was the center position for “365nichi no Kamihikouki,” a megahit across Asia. Reol, an emerging pop artist whose music videos have been viewed more than 400 million times, the majority of views coming from outside Japan. Juice=Juice, a Hello! Project group with plenty of experience performing overseas since successfully completing their first world tour in 2015. The episode will also feature the anime song world’s new heroine, ASCA. The unique singer with amazing vocals who made a name for herself by performing the opening theme for the anime Sword Art Online. These four hot artists join us in the studio where host Shingo Murakami uses his wit and charisma to uncover what makes these artists so unique. Don’t miss your chance to get an exclusive look at the future divas of the J-POP scene coming up on the next episode of SONGS OF TOKYO! ![](https://i.imgur.com/dyUI2M9.jpg)

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  • [FumeiCaps] Songs of Tokyo - #06 TOKYO COOL GIRLS Special [2019.11.18] (NHK World 1080i H264) [A8681109].ts (2.2 GiB)