2019-11-17 22:54 UTC
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Now with new and improved footage. Had we known Amazon would be available on day one, we would have used this footage to begin with. Lord Starfish: Translation, Typesetting, Quality Check, Timing Puto: Editing, Encoding bluesun: Opening Translation, Translation Check Toa of Gallifrey: Quality Check

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  • [Some-Stuffs]_Pocket_Monsters_(2019)_001_v2_[C146EF4F].mkv (588.9 MiB)
>No, we are still not doing 1080p. weird flex but okay
https://slow.pics/comparison/86b6e407-3eb7-47a2-8708-394d644e9ceb the human eye can't see above 720p It's like a 180MB difference, come on guys. You don't actually have to reencode.
meh I can still see the difference especially in the tree leaves
Yeah, I don't understand the need to drop this down to 720p or encode it at all. It's Amazon, it's fine. Just leave it alone and put your subs on it.
I still dont understand how everyone have the source file when isnt public on Internet.
inb4 "re-encoding is Literal Hitler"®™©
Re-encoding is fine if your results are transparent or an improvement. In this case, it's showcasing demonstrable quality loss... for the sake of 180MB.
Re: "For the sake of 180MB." The source file is 1.1GB.
>I still dont understand how everyone have the source file when isnt public on Internet. obviously they ripped it themselves >The source file is 1.1GB. maybe the bloated CBR version, but for anime the smaller VBR encode is usually identical
>The source file is 1.1GB. Oh, I did comparisons on the 767MB version. You should be careful. If the 1.1GB file has "Constant bitrate" in the mediainfo, it might actually look worse than the 767MB version.
Everyone ripped it, sure, now everyone can rip with a method than its private and just some humans should know how do it...
is it really so hard to understand? one or two people have ripped it and shared it with everybody else
Someone wrote after me? I have the ''retard detector'' off :D.
"the human eye can’t see above 720p" It's not noticeable right away but if you compare the two, some_stuffs is obviously blurry, I can see how blurry the leaves Its more like your eyes/brain adjusts the image for itself, doesn't mean you can't detect difference, but perhaps not right away. Honestly I think its more like we can't detect 4k because it looks so real that it looks fake.
There's no single (Thank you) yet!
Will you doing 1080p??
>the human eye can’t see above 720p "ThE hUmAn EyE aLsO cAn'T sEe AbOvE 24 fPs"
The human eye can definitely see above 720p and above 24fps, for the record.
Sure the human eye can tell the difference between 720p and 1080p. I think what you mean is this particular anime looks similar enough that it's OK to just use 720p. I don't know if I really agree with it personally though, but it also obviously depends on the size of your TV/monitor.
As weebs I think we deserve quality over size.
Can someone just upload the subtitle so that I can use it on RAW 1080p 😂😂😂.
@KRandroid: https://mirror.animetosho.org/view/stuffs-_pocket_monsters_-2019-_001_v2_-c146ef4f-mkv.1388192 >Subtitles All Attachments | und [ASS]
i already look forward to the upcoming weeks... people are just gonna be thankful for subs again and don't "bitch" around about minor details.
>@Puto The human eye can definitely see above 720p and above 24fps, for the record. As a certain young man would say (@ivoyko): >Someone wrote after me? I have the ‘‘retard detector’’ off :D.
I can see 60 fps fine, but show me a properly encoded episode of Denki Chojin Gridman and I'll get motion sickness.
What the fuck is this comment section... Pokémon starting to rival Dragon Ball in dumb shit responses.
people just go and bitch at PM fansubs not here Some-Stuffs are our heroes
^ actually don't do this either. neither fansubbing group deserves this many complaints.
Damn, I wish people would come into my comments section and tell me how to improve my release for free, and even do screenshot comparisons to illustrate. Please fill my comments section with complaints like that.
That was one brave Pichu! Nice to see some of Ash's Pikachu background story.
Thanks Guys! Great Job, looking forward for the whole season as the previous one.
Tired of everything IRL being hostile to itself 24/7, I don't need this place of refuge destroying itself thanks. btw, 16K120FPS3D when 20-something minutes of anime, that'd probably take up a BD-DL by itself, haha... hmm... I wonder...

Lord_Starfish (uploader)

So someone else uploaded a 1080p Amazon raw. For the record, people are TOTALLY free to just slap these subtitles on that raw. I even posted a step-by-step in the comments of that video on how to do it while still keeping the fonts intact. And the subtitles should sync up perfectly, which they most definitely will not with the aniTV raw. (Also the fact that people have been remuxing our subs to the unprocessed aniTV raw... Do people just not realize that that raw 1: has more compression artifacts than this encode does, and 2: is pointlessly 30fps when the show was animated at 23.976fps, meaning the pans were super jittery?)
Will you share 1080p of Sun and Moon's episode 093 to 146? https://nyaa.si/view/1175654 Some-Stuffs's 1080p of 044 to 092 is complete, thank you so much.
They don't realize and they don't care, they just see the numbers.
@motbob Are you blind? If the human eye can't see past 720p then fuck me I am super human and have the vison of a extra terrestrial.