2019-11-11 16:39 UTC
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"Tip Off" Pepe makes progress on his manga; Emika and Haruka discuss their insecurities. Hana gets jealous of Emika after they both cheer on Ryo at his game. Uploaded 1080p format… Enjoy!

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  • Terrace.House.Tokyo.2019-2020.S02E10.Week22.mkv (551.8 MiB)
you.are.quick. thank you!
not really, the better release was out earlier by an hour this week
@Nala_Alan who cares. I'm just here to help out!
you're not helping. your release isn't a properly downloaded video from netflix, it's a very poor re-encode. there is no reason for any sane person to download something that's worse quality. i could understand those downloading it when you were quicker, even though i think being so impatient is dumb, but waiting for a worse rip is extremely stupid
so why do you care so much? I'm just here to help!
@Nala_Alan some people have to download on moble data, some people watch the episode on super slow machines where high quality files keep lagging, some people watch on low-res devices where higher quality releases don’t really make a notable difference, and some people really don’t care… there are a lot of cases where this release is worth downloading. Is not always a case of impatience. Not everybody watch the stuff the same way you do… but you probably know this already… just saying
_manek I love your uploads and wait for them eagerly. Don't let person like @Nala_Alan demotivate you. By the way, you uploaded again from anonymous instead of your login. Thanks a lot.....
agree with dupreeh. so get the f*ck outta here Nala_Alan.
"not really, the better release was out earlier by an hour this week" Nala_Alan, I wasn't waiting for your upload at all. LOL And don't hide behind an anonymous username uploader and then comment here, you fuckin' pussy.


Thank you !!