Promare [1080p CAMRIP Color Corrected] [ENG SUBS]

2019-11-07 16:15 UTC
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9.0 GiB
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*PLS SEED* Got this rip from an anonymous source and I fixed the colors a bit and made the sound a bit cleaner. For some reason the original audio had 80% left side and 20% right side so I had to change it to mono audio. Original source is like 13gb and idk much about encoding - feel free to fix it. Message me on Discord (#xz0001) for the original files if you want to mess with those. The guy who recorded this didn't really have a steady hand so if you want to go ahead and crop it or rip the subs/audio to the other russian camrip, you can try that too. Screenshots: *PLS SEED*

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  • Promare [1080p CAMRIP Color Corrected].mp4 (9.0 GiB)
oh yay, I could ruin the experience of an audiovisual cumfest by watching a shitty camrip!


Who the hell still watches camrips?
Stupid impatient people
it will feel like watching in theater right at your home :)
People who watch cam rips ain't true anime fans
Thanks. It's useful to have the english officialsubs early.
Awesome, thanks for this!
The quality is actually great, it's very watchable, thank you based anons and thank you to the ripper, everyone else can continue SEETHING, go fuck yourselves bless camrips and the smartphone era fuck corporations
I understand your sentiment pikolir, people need to chill out and not get so angry over this thing's existence. However, it's really only good for research or technical purposes like motbob's or something like reading ahead in a manga version (even though you'd still get more visual nuance out of that than this). It's not enjoyable to watch for watching's sake alone. I look forward to the post-theatrical release.
Why the fuck is a cam-rip 9 GBs?
@ToadTheFrog - most likely because of the 12.2mbps bit rate overall.
Can anyone reencode this in smaller size? I don't want to waste 9GB of bandwidth on a camrip.
If you buttfucks don't like it then DON'T WATCH IT!! What a bunch of fucking shit heads.
LOL wHo waTCheS CAMErips GUyZ?! TH0sE R awRful! Thanks for the upload.I'll be waiting for the blu-ray because camrips fucking suck, but your contribution has been noted, and at least a thousand people without a stick up their ass obviously appreciate it.
quality-wise this is probably the best cam I've ever seen
CAM Rips aren't totally useless. They can help a team here to make official subs by seeing the cam rip when the HD/Blu-Ray version releases in Japan. So you technically have the official sub before the official subtitled release (which is the USBD)


@SamirParvez Very true.
Now we need a BD release with someone copying the subs from this. I wish Japan had dual audio release now, since this movie came in dub as well in Japanese theaters.
With this sub as a file we can start... Nice