[SMC-Subs] Kiratto Pri☆Chan - 021 (BD 720p AAC) [A64A74ED].mkv

2019-11-07 05:21 UTC
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![new season of Paranoia Agent looking good](https://i.imgur.com/Mt3wE54.png) Nearly 18 months after first providing a theme song to a Pretty Series work, famed Australian Pokémon speedrunner Werster makes a cameo in the anime itself. Some notes: * Toshiko self-deprecatingly calling herself a turtle (which I localised to a Monty Python reference leading into a The Ugly Duckling one) is a reference to [insane-looking 80s Japanese drama Stewardess Monogatari](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cuNiUQcCSnI) and then, more obviously, Urashima Taro. * Wasuta is a dumb weebglish abbreviation of The World Standard but they are a real group (in case you didn't know) and that's what they're called by everyone in English in real life so [IRC](irc://irc.rizon.net/SMC-Subs) – [Discord](https://discord.gg/D748P5v) – [Twitter (Me)](https://twitter.com/jymmy_smcsubs)

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  • [SMC-Subs] Kiratto Pri☆Chan - 021 (BD 720p AAC) [A64A74ED].mkv (423.4 MiB)
@olivo28 who did this to your face?! @_@
Hey jymmy, thanks for the subs. The last 2 episodes have some blurriness on the left and right margins of the video. Some screens: https://imgur.com/a/Ut7rLAD And I get that the show is not really made in 1080p, but the previous encodes looked a lot more sharper. Any change of going back to 1080?
I cant play this episode on neither MPC nor VLC, https://i.ibb.co/QKtPRb0/Bez-tytu-u-1.jpg im using CCCP codecs

jymmy (uploader)

**dantezx**: No 1080p. It *shouldn't* be blurrier unless your player is worse at upscaling than the BD masters. Will investigate why it is – might be the incorrect descaling kernel, although I swear I had it right. Will work out how to fix the edges edgefixer ruined too. **kamil88**: Go to bed and read the description to the last episode, which was the first one I released with 4:4:4 chroma subsampling, when you wake up.

jymmy (uploader)

22 onward should be fixed. Probably won't v2 these until the batch though.