ORICON Top Singles Years 1970s - PART III

2019-11-02 13:37 UTC
Don't Die My Oricon Collection... Please Don't Die!
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ORICON_ Top Singles Years 1970s - PART III 1977 1978 1979 VERY RARE. The SOURCE of this torrent is COMPLETELY DEAD!!! It took me months to complete 70s Files. I also have 80’s NO MODIFICATION have been done from original MP3 files. So Keep it somewhere. Internet don’t need to be a Black Hole of data!!! // TORRENT SOURCE // Name : ORICON Size : 20.96 GB hash :baec8c65d08aad45e7f551fb39e9d0a2441db761 link : https://torrentz2.eu/baec8c65d08aad45e7f551fb39e9d0a2441db761 Password : japaniizu-blog.part.z3

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  • ORICON_ Top Singles Years 1976-1979.rar (942.7 MiB)
Added the source torrent. No seeds yet quite few peers, gonna load the main and add yours as soon as you provide the password... UPD. All of 70' & 80' seem to be accessible. The ones to save are actually 90's, 00's and '10's. UPD: Look what I found: (アルバム) 1980~2007ヒットチャート シングル 各年間BEST 100 (オリコン調べ).rar [12GB] Do you think this might be what you are searching for?

neo-oricon (uploader)

Hey [Rusker](https://nyaa.si/user/Rusker) !! Thank you to reply. Do you have a link for "アルバム) 1980~2007ヒットチャート シングル 各年間BEST 100 (オリコン調べ).rar [12GB]" ? Where did u find the file? For 90s to 2010s. There are torrents that can complete your collection with source.
Hi neo-oricon! That's a Perfect Dark shared file. It's another P2P network. The file is alive. But it would definitely take some time to download, maybe even a few days or even a week. Here is the info: status : registered to download. ID : db174d85d66bd26bfba77558c9952d0cb5089d30b0510dff201ef19b0418b512 keyword : (アルバム) 1980~2007ヒットチャート シングル 各年間BEST 100 (オリコン調べ).rar アルバム mp3 music size : 13364218024 bytes. date : 19 января 2009 г. 13:13:31 count : 3639 review : 1.25 (226) [good : 115 , normal : 100 , bad : 0] 58 point One hour gave me just 1%. The speed is slow, though I'm sure that if it's something you need, you'll be patient enough. Download Perfect Dark P2P and then search for the file or enter the id mentioned above. Good luck! I'm doing the same right now, might even fully download it in a week. By the way, the larger your unity is, the faster and more you can download, so for the first few hours you should just get at least one gb of unity to ensure stable download. And the next part is actually here: https://nyaa.si/view/324356 - 2007-2011 So: The Source: 1970 - 1989 Perfect Dark Archive - 1980 - 2007 Another Nyaa Torrent - 2005 - 2011 Everything is still accessible.

neo-oricon (uploader)

hi Rusker! thank you so much. I just discover this network.I just need to configure it correctly. I already have a big collection from year 1970 to 2015 . On the way, you have to check this source : [오리콘 챠트 Top 100 (2005-2018)](https://torrentz2.eu/14d8a1be35c7a28745e73b555bca3d1d71791110) "Sharing is the core of saving".
You can abort the operation. I've found what seems to be an actually compiled whole collection from 1970 to 2018 and right now I'm unpacking and sorting it. You can literally expect me to post it here in a few hours. I still have to check the lists and remove some trash traces from previous uploaders. Though it seems pretty clean overall. There were some missing songs, so I had to search for a few of them. Everything seems to be complete now.
Here it comes: https://nyaa.si/view/1190742

neo-oricon (uploader)

Please, Can you find these albums? : Chura uta yo - Okinawa Best Songs VOL 1 - 4