[Lain32] Lupin III (Lupin the 3rd): The Castle Of Cagliostro (Streamline Dub + Sound Effects LaserDisc Hi10P AC3 360i)

2019-11-02 06:38 UTC
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## NOTE: 2nd Audio Track is just Mono 1.0ch Sound Effects & Music Both Audio Tracks as Stereo, you'll need to split them. https://mega.nz/#!zoRXFKBb!VYsk56-klyZHZEXiimh-q13-vPr8T9j-_kHo5AgnlmE ### Lupin the Third: The Castle of Cagliostro ### ルパン三世 カリオストロの城 ![Cover](https://i.postimg.cc/pTw7tn43/16474.jpg "LD") #### Publisher: TOHO Video #### Format: LaserDisc, NTSC, English Dialogue + Score & Effects #### Length: ~100 minutes #### Original Release Date: 05/07/1997 #### Animation Exclusive to this Release: No #### English Mono 1.0ch Only, Japanese or Subs LaserDisc Box contain a 40 page book with the script of the film. #### Made by using a DVL-H9 & Sony BDZ-X95 BD Recorder. ![Video](https://i.postimg.cc/pW43jgrk/Lupin-the-Third-The-Castle-of-Cagliostro-Streamline-Dub-LD-36.png "LD Pics")

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  • Lupin the Third - The Castle of Cagliostro (Streamline Dub LD 360i) [Lain32].mkv (755.1 MiB)


Is the audio on here superior to the Discotek release?

lain32 (uploader)

@H94, Was recorded from a digital source, if the other sources are analog only. LaserDisc audio usually is considered better so it might be superior, however some loss might have occurred when I split the two audio tracks. (As it was recorded in stereo, then the two mono audio channels were split.) I still have the original stereo rip if you would like to split them yourself.
Thanks for the upload. I'm very happy with the music & effects track. M&E track synced to the US/JP BD: https://mega.nz/#!ToUx0CoA!SONimwMdUGov1bdP0_-Vj-wAeDiGdBHOl_Pjcum6a5M Is the original stereo rip lossless?

lain32 (uploader)

@scav, I think so, the original stereo rip is AC3 256kbs (128kbs per channel ?) I used Audacity to get them both split & set this both to 128kbs AC3. So I'm not sure if any loss was may or not, I'll upload the original & add a mega link. I was hoping someone will use the audio track, happy to see done fast.
Re-upload of M&E track synced to US/JP BD using the original stereo rip https://mega.nz/#!2g8iUaaZ!PnpNOkseSQZQpKlHQHEEGR2FX0hFUJfdlOqokip6hDs Also fixed a small mistake that I made in my previous upload. Everything after the fourth cue mark (around the 59th minute) was off by a single film frame (42ms). ---------------------------- @lain32 As an experiment, I've tried to clean up parts of a low quality capture of the Dutch dub with the music and effects track and it works surprisingly well in masking some of its deficiencies. The Dutch dub still needs a lot of clean up and volume adjustments to reduce the hissing though. Probably gonna take me months before I'm completely satisfied, but the music and effects track helps a great deal. :)


Let me know when you do those final fantasy raws :) im always in irc

lain32 (uploader)

@nks, Sadly I'll need to find a new source for volume 3 because the guy on eBay did a bad job of shipping it and it showed up with a crack going through the center of the disc. However I do have all the other volumes now, just need to have them shipped to me from Japan. Nyaa has a irc? So how do get to it? I know that seems dumb probably but I just don't know anything about it. I only know of the help one, is it the same one?
Hey, do you have LaserDisc for Kaiketsu Zorro or at least a raw Japanese source of the show like R2 J DVDs ? If you do , PLEASE share them and thank you .

lain32 (uploader)

@The-good_Man1994, Sadly I don't have any of it. (don't think it has a LD as well)
![alt text](https://i.ibb.co/rGXXDgq/Thanks.png)