[WetGirls] Kandagawa Jet Girls - 03 (Uncensored) [B270FA2E].mkv

2019-10-23 01:45 UTC
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Wakanim video with vrv spliced in for the censored scenes. Comes with 2 sub tracks: Original Translation and Hidive.

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  • [WetGirls] Kandagawa Jet Girls - 03 (Uncensored) [B270FA2E].mkv (688.3 MiB)
>Submitter: skiddiks hello?
It's no use hiding this now, herkz Edit: Keijo!!!!!!! when?

skiddiks (uploader)

![pls](http://fuckani.me/s/sseDY.png) nice
Thanks for the wet girls
> vrv spliced in nice
Are they still using made up subs like with the first episode?
Yes, but you have a other track for normal script
These subs are fake.
Um, yes, theses subs are fake. Starting with the 2nd episode, they also include "straight" subs as well. Now, all that aside, were they amusing to you? I must admit, this time I made the mistake of watching the fake subs first... always watch the source material prior to the parody, is the lesson i learned from that. They're still being pretty stealth in their description as to what their "translation" is like, but from the comments I'd say most of those downloading this version are now in the know concerning what is going on. I'll admit to being impressed at how fast they put it together, given the difference in when HorribleSubs posted their version and this one; I'm working on the presumption they both obtain their originals at about the same time, and there is a lot more effort involved in this version.
gomenasai my name is ken-sama
but I like these fake subs ;_;
@nabiru3 don't turn to the dark side. Stay in the light
I liek fake subs & wet grils
What fake subs you guys talking about? This show is trash without it 😂
I like meme and tiddy skiddy
[WetGirls] should be ashamed of themselves for making these fake subtitles. The characters aren't speaking English, so the subs shouldn't be either.
fortnite anime poggers
Grow a sense of humor @noZA_
These parody subs are so hilarious :D I watch this show 2 times, first with the original sub and 2nd with the parody. Episode 2 was so funny. One line was this, "Now we have some tiddies showing" or something like that.
im watching this and be like "the fuck, what is this sub lol" but its shows as green entries in nyaa and those green entry never lies since i know nyaa almost 10 years ago and then i realize there are 2 subs lol good job nigga
Why the heck do people who submit troll subs get automatic green? The whole system is just a joke.
Just what the doctor recommended.
Also entertaining but just watching for the ecchi scenes, anyways thank you! ^_^
wouldn't watch this if not for these subs tbh
I love the Alternate Sub!! Keep up the good work!
When will you do the next episode?
come on bruh ep4 plox!!