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2019-10-22 15:38 UTC
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So I ripped the subtitle from crunchy for personal use decided to provide them here. Eps 001-079 - 'English (US)', 'Português (Brasil)' , 'Español (España)' , 'Türkçe' Eps 080-265 - 'English (US)', 'Português (Brasil)' , 'Español (España)' Eps 266-367 - 'English (US)', 'Português (Brasil)' , 'Español' (España) , 'Español' , 'Italiano' , 'Français (France)' , 'Deutsch' , 'العربية'

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common you really do a good job for prince of tennis anime series and you are only the one who make these 50 episodes in English. will you can continue your excellent job and make all of 178 episodes really it will be very very good because I am waiting for this since 2014 and really I need it to put it above a good quality episodes because I have a very bad port and this I am watching since 2001 because it is the only one subtitles and even if it is Arabic language I will accepted
Please do The Prince of Tennis
Hello, aptop6. I have a few questions for you. Do You still have the RAWs of Gintama? Did You download the RAWs from If You did download them from there and You still have them, PLEASE, SEED the RAWs again. There are people, including myself, that can't download some of the chapters because there is no seeds. There are people that have been waiting for months to download them. Thank you!
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