KochiKame - 007 (Web 480p) [Elusive]

2019-10-18 16:32 UTC
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We're back with another episode of Kochikame here for everyone! *007 - Wake up! The Hibernating Cop* Translation notes: - Haruo Minami performed the theme song of the 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. - "Higurashi" are also called Evening Cicada, and are most commonly found in Japan. - In sumo wrestling, Yokozuna is highest rank while Ozeki is second highest. - Urashima Taro is a man from Japanese fairy tales who spends several days in an underwater Sea Palace, but when he returns to land, he finds that 100 years have passed. As usual, we have both a script including honorifics and a script without honorifics. Hope you enjoy! ^_^ Credits: Joka - translation, QC Dknight - script editing VigorousJammer - timing, typesetting, QC ![](https://i.imgur.com/8tp8tLw.png)

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Thanks a lot!!
Hey, hope you all enjoy this episode!
Love this show when I was a child. Thanks for bringing those memories back. I hope you continue doing this
Thanks. It seems the Translation notes you mentioned in the description is present in the sub as a comment. It'd have been better if those were present as notes in the sub.
We don't want to add any translator notes, sorry.
Thanks for classic anime childhoods
@Joka Fair enough... I meant it as a suggestion as in the future when someone'll watch this episode they'll be unaware that there was any TL notes coz nobody gonna come back to this post or look into the sub to find anything.

vigorousjammer (uploader)

@leorio1009: To be fair, you *did* look into the sub file, and some other curious people may do the same. Anyway, My philosophy on translation notes is... unless it's *absolutely* necessary to understand the plot, they shouldn't be used, as they end up being too much text for the viewer to read at one time, and usually require a viewer to pause the video in order to read them. When provided by the translator, I'll always include them as comments in a sub file for the truly curious such as yourself, but those who are curious and don't commonly use a program to easily look at a video's sub file should really just be looking up the references online, and gain a bit of cultural understanding through their own research. Especially since you'd already be pausing the video to read the note, anyway. This is a win-win situation, it grants you a better cultural understanding than a single line of text ever would, and the note won't get in the way for all of the other viewers who either wouldn't care to look up that information, or who are already aware of the cultural reference being made. Another option I've considered would be to include a text document alongside the video with show notes, kind of like the little pamphlets you would get at a stage show, that users could choose to follow along with at their own pace, or read before watching an episode, or not read at all... but in all honesty, that would probably just quickly end up becoming a mess in a user's folder, which I'd also like to avoid.