[PPP-Raw] Moomin (1969) 1-12 (part 1 of 2) (v2)

2019-10-15 16:35 UTC
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Piyo-Piyo Productions presents: Moomin (1969 version) 1-26 (Domesday Edition) https://anidb.net/anime/1007 (rolling release dates) https://www.otakubell.com/ Source: Laserdisc Everything PPP-Raw releases is from laserdisc source. At the time of ripping, no DVD or Bluray souce is known to exist. Domesday Edition: This was captured using a Domesday Duplicator. You can read all about the Domeday Duplicator project at https://www.domesday86.com/?page_id=978. Project notes (v2): Okay, here’s what happened: I messed up 1-12. Somehow I went and saved them at the wrong framerate, and didn’t notice until I did the same thing on another project. By that time I had gotten rid of my workfiles, because they take up a ton of space that I needed. So, instead of takign weeks and weeks to decode the original RF files all over again, I re-filtered from the DVD conversion. Technically not as good as a souce, but its close enough that I don’t think the human eye will be able to tell the difference – but feel free to yell at me if I’m wrong about that too. Hopefully there will not need to be a v2 for 13-26. Project notes: As a typical amerifat, I know almost nothing about Moomin – it wasn’t a “thing” here like it was overseas. In fact, these discs are on loan to me from a collector in the UK (thank you). So let’s start with the original: It was a series of books and comics by Tove Jannson (from Finland, but spoke Swedish, because that’s apparantly a thing). They were popular everywhere English wasn’t spoken – nobody even bothered to translate all of the books into English until 2005. The 1969 version of Moomin was the first animated version of the series. Tove Jannson hated it. She hated it loudly and publicly due to the many changes made, stating, “My Moomin is no driver, fighter or money maker,” which he certainly has been made into here. As a result, Tokyo Movie had their contract cancelled halfway through, and Mushipro was brought in to finish the series. Somehow, though, somebody managed to get the Tokyo Movie episodes commited to laserdisc. But the later Mushipro episodes? Four random episodes were released on VHS, and the rest are lost, probably forever. There are no plans for any re-releases: Jansson’s estate won’t grant permission, there are conflicting copyright claims in Japan even if they would, and all of that assumes the original masters even still exist. So, sadly, this version of Moomin is an endangered species. Is it any good? Bear in mind this is my first exposure to Moomin, but I’m going to say “yes.” It looks like fun to me. Would I like it if I knew the original source? Dunno. The original source was rather jittery, which I largely fixed. There are weird luma fluctuations, which I’m guessing were just par for the course in 1969? Volume 3 was beginning to rot, and has a significant number of dropouts throughout, which the Domesday software could only partially fix. These were decoded using a pre-release version of 5.2 of ld-decode, the Domesday decoding software. 5.x does not have the best audio support, so the audio comes out loud and unfiltered. On past Domesday releases I have also performed conventional captures and transplanted the audio. I did not do that here. It is very time consuming, and unless I have a point of reference, like a subtitle file or something, I can’t sync the audio correctly. But I have included conventionally captured unfiltered DVD conversions. If somebody wanted to subtitle this series, I’d say dump those out to AVI or MKV, subtitle from that, and then re-adjust to the Domesday visuals. If v6.x comes out before I am done, and if it gives better audio results, I may do a separate audio-only release of 1-26, but no promises. The discs’ owner has provided scans of the LD jackets and inlays as a bonus! I used to do that, in the distant past, before I destroyed my very expensive graphic arts scanner with a cup of coffee... I am releasing this in two batches: 1-12, and then 13-26. I will take a short break from Moomin after 1-12 to work on something else, then back to it.

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  • [PPP-Raw] Moomin (1969) 1-12 (part 1 of 2) (v2)
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      • Moomin69-vol2-domesday.7z (4.8 GiB)
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    • moomin69-09-h265rf20-v2.mkv (192.6 MiB)
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    • moomin69-12-h265rf20-v2.mkv (216.0 MiB)
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Good job! You're probably right about the Mushi Pro episodes. Moomin was remade in 1990, and in general, it's very hard to find older versions of anime titles once a remake is released.
Many thanks, being a fan of the 1990s series, really wanted to see this one, no matter if there are only a few episodes available. Cant wait for part 2! Thanks again. -rockleevk

toynbeeidea (uploader)

FYI, still working on this... having some technical issues with volume 5, so I may need to set this one aside for the moment. We'll see.

toynbeeidea (uploader)

Working on vol 6 now... should have this all ready by the end of the year!
Thank you! I doubt you still have this, but is reseeding your release of Stardust Paradise possible?

toynbeeidea (uploader)

@Unokuro I DO have it... I never remade the torrent when nyaa.se collapsed. It has always been my intention to re-capture it like I did semi-recently with Exper Zenon. Maybe sooner, since you're asking...