Fate Grand Order First Singularity Gameplay from VN (Part 1 of 2) (480p)

2019-10-13 05:29 UTC
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There are 7 Singularities in total in FGO. The Babylonia anime adapts the 7th Singularity. And the two movies coming in the future will adapt the 6th Singularity. So as someone who hasn't played the game, I wondered, what happened in the first 5 singularities. Then I asked around and found out that besides the first one (Orleans, France), the story of the rest are nothing special. So I really wanted to know the story of Orleans without playing the game. Then I found out this video on YT. This video plays out the VN of Orleans chapter. The fights have been skipped though, I don't know why. I decided to re-encode it to smaller size and share it here. Original link is in the information. But who knows, it might get deleted. I give credits to the original uploader. [DDL](https://mega.nz/#F!OJo0xayL!Z397ybsxPHcNghf8XKI1yw)

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  • Fate_Grand Order First Singularity Hundred Years' War of Evil Dragons- Orleans (1_2) - YouTube.mkv (118.9 MiB)

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@KaoriScarlet1997 You're most welcome!! Now enjoy part 2.