[WetGirls] Kandagawa Jet Girls - 01 (Uncensored) [D814FB27].mkv

2019-10-09 16:54 UTC
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Unlike the other uncensored releases that just use a shitty AT-X raw, this release uses the best source available (Wakanim) and only splices in AT-X for the censored scenes. Now you don't have to deal with eye cancer the entire episode. Original script.

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  • [WetGirls] Kandagawa Jet Girls - 01 (Uncensored) [D814FB27].mkv (655.9 MiB)
are you seeding.
Nice desu Thanks for effort
Any chance you would work with Tensai to combine the video and typesetting from both releases? I haven't had a chance to compare the video yet, so maybe it won't be that big of a deal. May be that the difference isn't big enough for a pleb like me to notice/care. Wouldn't hurt to consolidate the seeds though.
i might be tempted to try it if you were decent in your posting. it is not a good sign that you feel the need to use foul language to support your efforts.
\>caring about people swearing in the description Nyaa never ceases to fucking amaze me
thanks for hd tiddy
As @the_swizzler said, I would also like to have the best version available with both this video and their Typesetting. So it would be great if you work together. For now I'll be downloading theirs.
i might be tempted to try it if you were decent in your posting. it is not a good sign that you feel the need to uncensor nipples to support your efforts.
What's with these comments?
>it is not a good sign that you feel the need to uncensor nipples to support your efforts. 😂😂
Doesn't henty go on Sukebei?
Hentai goes there. But this is ecchi, so it belongs here. If there are genitals (even if they're mosaics), it goes on Sukebei. Otherwise, it goes on regular nyaa
Aren't the napples considered 2 be genitals?
Oh yessssss. Tnk is you know highschool project xD
No. This is why you don't see them turned into mosaics even in discs. By genitals, I mean "dick, balls and pussy". Long as those body parts aren't shown (even if they're mosaics), it's not hentai.
There got to be sexual stuff. A boob, butt or nipple isn't even borderline. Fingering, penetration, eating the oralfices. Girl on the shore is a good one. You can see his lightsaber penis, sex and her breasts and pubes and i bought it at barnes and nobel off the bookshelf in a conservative region of America.... any they knew it because it had a sticker and shrink warp for OT – Older Teens, Age 16+. Anyways reediting video to interlace boobs for a tv series ongoing is like paying full price on used stuff.... wait until bdrips if quality is something you need since they don't animated in 1080p for tv rips or web rips normaily. IT's all upscaled 720 or 900..
Gurren Lagann would like to have a word with you @bassgs435 @freaky they don't just arbitrarily change the native resolution for Web/TV and change it for BDs. It always stays the same (and this show is likely native 1080p anyway).
Ohh thnks for the info guys.
I have doubts this translation for the subs is accurate. Referencing The Big Bang Theory and ESPN. I'm assuming those are not part of the actual dialogue. Can someone look into this?
This is a trusted torrent, which you can tell by it being green. This means that the translation and release was first vetted and checked by a moderator which is fluent in Japanese. They have a strict anti-meme policy, so you can rest assured that these translations are 100% accurate.
whenever I see a green torrent on Nyaa, I get an erection
I'm still doubtful. Mentioning ESPN and Big Bang Theory could result in legal issues if they really are part of the translation. Especially with ESPN being owned by Disney. They wouldn't be down with exposed boobs and fan service in something that mentions a specific property, and I doubt Disney sponsored this show to allow ESPN and the ESPN logo be mentioned in any way.
@enemyd It's just a joke, chillax
@Theleuxxx Yeah I get it but I'm asking a serious question. Because I'd rather download and seed a show with accuracy. My preference.
@enemyd It is of course a total rewrite, the original just says "a foreign drama" which was translated as "foreign TV" by whoever HS ripped from. So basically these are shitty memesubs.
shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker, and tits
@Mirimi I figured. Thanks for confirming. At least someone takes the time to be real with me.
God damn you guys its hard to decide which version to watch when everyone says different things
FYI, some of the subtitles on this are totally WRONG, like the subtitler wanted to make their own "spicy" version of the story.
https://i.imgur.com/lQ0xTIl.jpg \>typeset ahegao Good one lads.
> strict anti-meme policy lol
Welcome to Nyaa, where the standards are made up and the policies don't matter.
thanks... i'm wet now
all memes are accurate
this anime made my pp hard
stick to Tensai https://nyaa.si/view/1182748 This is trash done by Commie and their supporters https://www.diffchecker.com/oKBRzESO I hope you don't work together and having the green (trusted) don't mean shit. This is a prime example. If there are those that care about their video quality somebody made a patch to insert Tensai script to this over at animetosho https://waa.ai/OamD/582ba8.zip
This anime for me is trash but this made me reconsider 😆
https://i.imgur.com/lQ0xTIl.jpg >typeset ahegao Good one lads. _______________ I didn't see this one on ohys ver... from which version is this?
Remember when HorribleSubs wasn't a group filled with censorship-loving SJWs? Good times. ![](https://i.imgur.com/ZQPVREr.jpg)
honestly this script seems better than the show itself
>This is trash done by Commie and their supporters fucking cartel!!!
>anti-meme policy kek
the cartel strikes again
@noZA_ Thank you I need my kuns and chans
@DizzieDevil those eyes are on the sub... if you turned off the sub,, ahegao double piece will go back to the original one...
>if you turned off the sub, ahegao double piece will go back to the original one Sure love having to turn the subtitles off to see video properly. Thanks for the patch noZA_
@LightArrowsEXE Commie was "trusted" an they were full of inaccurately translated meme garbage, so just because its green doesn't really mean too much to me
Thank you so much.
your subs aren't funny
mpv \[WetGirls\]\ Kandagawa\ Jet\ Girls\ -\ 01\ \(Uncensored\)\ \[D814FB27\].mkv --sub-file \[Tensai\]\ Kandagawa\ Jet\ Girls\ -\ 01\ \(AT-X\ 1280x720\ 10bit\ AAC\)\ \[8EE2F1EC\].mkv Enough said.
yuck meme commie unfunny trash subs
> mpv [WetGirls]\ Kandagawa\ Jet\ Girls\ -\ 01\ (Uncensored)\ [D814FB27].mkv --sub-file [Tensai]\ Kandagawa\ Jet\ Girls\ -\ 01\ (AT-X\ 1280x720\ 10bit\ AAC)\ [8EE2F1EC].mkv > > Enough said. This ^
Fucking troll subs.
Thanks for the entertaining subs. I won't be using yours anymore. . .too much liberty takes away from the "real" dialogue.
i just read all the comments.... you guys are having so much fun... lol Thanks for making me laugh... @skiddiks thanks for the episode
Any chance you'll be updating this with a second sub track like you did with episode 2? Thanks
Really ? Big Bang Theory ? https://puu.sh/EyJ1H/adc82ce7a9.jpg
Troll subs... get jackie's version instead.