[GSK_kun] Machikado Mazoku 01 (BDRip 1920x1080 x264 FLAC)

2019-10-09 15:59 UTC
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Raws: Reinforce Subs:Erai-raws & Krosis *** Screenshots [![c11ab73ab72bf8d65d63c89e38f37ba9.md.png](http://extraimage.net/images/2019/10/09/c11ab73ab72bf8d65d63c89e38f37ba9.md.png)](http://extraimage.net/image/SKvs)[![a54f1f1aa6db3c404f454f491dcbae50.md.png](http://extraimage.net/images/2019/10/09/a54f1f1aa6db3c404f454f491dcbae50.md.png)](http://extraimage.net/image/SKvn)[![d12edf446db486ca4ffd6335b86b4af4.md.png](http://extraimage.net/images/2019/10/09/d12edf446db486ca4ffd6335b86b4af4.md.png)](http://extraimage.net/image/SKv7)[![435b9759872956a4ca89ba8d186653f4.md.png](http://extraimage.net/images/2019/10/09/435b9759872956a4ca89ba8d186653f4.md.png)](http://extraimage.net/image/SKvc)[![8aac53bdba5512dc38027d6d60021378.md.png](http://extraimage.net/images/2019/10/09/8aac53bdba5512dc38027d6d60021378.md.png)](http://extraimage.net/image/SKv1)[![4a5033c52291dbae5806421f57269034.md.png](http://extraimage.net/images/2019/10/09/4a5033c52291dbae5806421f57269034.md.png)](http://extraimage.net/image/SKvE)[![700efcaa8b3ac334c3bd91c57b196c94.md.png](http://extraimage.net/images/2019/10/09/700efcaa8b3ac334c3bd91c57b196c94.md.png)](http://extraimage.net/image/SKvO)[![8e29931283ade78db5b8842e9cc9b699.md.png](http://extraimage.net/images/2019/10/09/8e29931283ade78db5b8842e9cc9b699.md.png)](http://extraimage.net/image/SKvS)[![4b7c1146fb8b2528a1b46adb8c7cda25.md.png](http://extraimage.net/images/2019/10/09/4b7c1146fb8b2528a1b46adb8c7cda25.md.png)](http://extraimage.net/image/SKvq)[![a7a41c4f5ae6705598f97c294b306a10.md.png](http://extraimage.net/images/2019/10/09/a7a41c4f5ae6705598f97c294b306a10.md.png)](http://extraimage.net/image/SKvU) *** Timing was bad, script was bad. Yes the answer is HIDIVE. So retimed, restyled, slightly edited and TSed. Used Krosis as base and modified it heavily. **Shoutout- This is very heavy TS show, I had to use 51 fonts to TS this one episode so you can get the idea how heavy the TS is. This is a show where a good script and TS matters a lot but my Editing is quite poor. So if you liked the work I put and if any of TL or Editors willing to help me, I can do this or else I will drop it. Interested ones can comment below. Thank you.**

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  • [GSK_kun] Machikado Mazoku 01 (BDRip 1920x1080 x264 FLAC) [40EAF881].mkv (923.0 MiB)
> 51 fonts to TS God! thanks for hardwork! Hope you get a team to work <3
Dunno whether I have the time in my schedule but I could maybe be down to edit. I was actually kinda interested in watching this show, but I wasn't gonna bother with official subs, so maybe this is just what the doctor ordered ¯\\\_(ツ)_/¯
@The0x539 Well, you may watch my subs, if you don't want to wait full BD release. It's 720p only, but whole season. I'm planning to release full TV batch later.
Thanks for the work! I really like it.
Ganbarre shamiko!
Excellent work Will you continue working on it?

gsk_ (uploader)

@emad Not sure, No one has really came forward for editing. Probably not.
way much better than crunchyroll .. thanks a lot

gsk_ (uploader)

It's not crunchyroll it's HIDIVE. I wish it was though, CR sucks less hard
If you need an editor, I'd like to try editing.
Thanks! OP and ED is also translated?

gsk_ (uploader)

No it isn't.
Are there plans to continue this? Tried watching other uploads after this one and it seems I was a bit spoiled by this one as they're hard to watch afterwards.
Do you require my assistance for this show, gsk_? :^)