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2019-10-02 16:43 UTC
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hmmm..... dis is assshooomthiing..
Ah, here we go again
oh my! also cam rip with sub?
hows the quality and the subtitle (if it exist)
Like this https://prnt.sc/pdyybn
Screenshots: https://postimg.cc/f3hkWKTJ https://postimg.cc/cKVW15L3 sound quality is good , as you can see subs are from theatre screen itself so don't worry about quality THIS IS GOOD, THANK YOU VERY MUCH
Theatres show the japanese subtitles as well? WTF
>japanese subtitles It's chinese subtitles.
The BD should be coming out soon, right? BTW, anyone know when the BD for the Seishun Buta Yarou movie is coming out?
>It’s chinese subtitles. But why?
@booman probably because it's airing in china theaters
>probably because it’s airing in china theaters Which then begs the question why chinese need english subs.
>why chinese need english subs. Pretty sure theaters in Singapore showed it with Chinese and English subs.
The right and only way to watch this movie. Thanks
It's India most likely. India got the movie in English Subs.
oh my bad, it releases 11th October in India lol.
hahaha. this is probably from China. lol...
oh my... now this is something
ara ara~ ..thank you!
Thank you, now i'm waiting the RAW from web or BD rip, but it seems like it'll need a little more time...
Please delete this. Not only it is disrespectful to upload it this early, but it also has a very bad quality.
"disrespectful" lmao what the fuck are you talking about, you're on a pirate site
@booman probably because its recorded in singapore. im from singapore and i can confirm that singapore cinemas shows the film with both chinese and english subtitles since the majority of the people in our country is chinese and that english is the common language.
There's no point in deleting this anyways since anime pirate sites have already uploaded it.
"disrespectful" HAH! As was pointed out, you're on a pirate site. "Delet dis" Spuhehl behter https://nyaa.si/rules I don't see any rule violations here, so if you want it removed because it hurts your feelings; Newsflash: No One Cares. You're basically saying "I personally don't like this upload so you can't see it" and while that's a nice attempt at censorship there, you can go piss up a rope.
@booman > Which then begs the question why chinese need english subs. Maybe it is from Hong Kong SAR, since both Traditional Chinese and English are official languages in Hong Kong. Well, many Singaporeans also speak both Chinese and English.
this is bullshit
garbage, better to wait a little longer.
camrip makes it so you aren't biased just by flashy visuals. story was weak
@noxdraz some people wouldn't mind watching it at this quality... i do not see any reason why they should delete it
Let the plebes watch, let's wait a little longer
I was lucky enough to see this back in September at the Toronto Film Festival.
Cool post thanks for sharing!
忍耐は美徳, 親愛なる友人
@advaykun Delete yourself
Lol I'm not watching this..i'll just wait
wondering when the bluray release is, it releases in uk cinemas on the 17th so ill just go see it then if the bluray hasent come out, why jpn releases take so long though
this is very disrespectful and frankly just ridiculous. Please delete it asap. And please do not upload such garbage again.
@AdamEve Dude you're on a pirate website. If it hurts your feelings so much, you're more than welcome to gtfo.
based camrippers, based smartphone era @AdamEve go fuck yourself you idiot scum, down with the corporation cocksuckers
Always love seeing people contradicting themselves <3
@SailorMoonOnly Yeah, the same <3
Waiting for BD ?
Bluray Release Date. pasteboard.co/IP6IE1f.png
Release date is May 27th. You won't get to see a BD rip til early June. Well worth the wait :)
Just watched the movie premiere (JPN/ENG Subs) in the US last night. Amazing movie! Just wait for the BD release. Don't disrespect yourself by watching a shitty cam version(it's not worth it) and robbing the quality of this movie the first time.
Appreciate the release, really looking forward to the BD release. It comes with subs as well so, as much as I appreciate people doing fansubs, godspeed, we don't have to wait.
It was good enough if you really want to watch the movie that bad its the best option
I watched it in Shinjuku TOHO last August. it's really beautiful as always with Shinkai, so it's a total waste to watch a camrip of it. just wait for BD or - better - watch in a large cinema, if you can.
Cam? Hard pass. Waiting for the BD/DVD release instead will be worth it.
The video is the only issue. The DVD / BluRay will fix that problem easy enough. What you should really be crying over is the subs. Funi will make sure their translation (interpretation) of the movie is packaged with the DVD/BD. Complain all you want. This Cam version has StudioSubs hardcoded onto the theater release. Studios do their own translations on every movie released in theaters. There are almost equal to FanSubs in quality. Only a few words might be different. Unless a group plans on fan subbing this or transferring the hardcoded subs to soft. Watching this is far far better then waiting for the BD that is guaranteed to come with Funi translated garbage subs. BUT if your sure to get some FanSubs Then wait for the BD. Funi machinations has been translating all anime set for export for over 10 years. Every episode of every new Anime etc, etc.
To be honest, the YN-001 whatever is better than this camrip. Good thing I watched it in Theatres.
IMHO, I rather wait until 27th May for BD release, I rather to sacrifice time than video quality for such a fine piece of story. I watched this in cinema anyway, i just want to have a re-feel... BD release date here: https://www.cdjapan.co.jp/feature/Complete_List_Weathering_With_You_Bluray_DVD_Bundled_Sets
to everyone who views and downloads this upload after the BD has been released: this is now obsolete and is no longer a practical option