[VeloEncodes] Digimon Tamers Episode 01 - Guilmon's Birth! The Digimon I Created (Multi-Audio) (Japanese 2.0 + Jetix English 2.0 + Singaporean English 2.0) (1080p, BDRip) (10-bit)

2019-09-30 17:35 UTC
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![img](https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcQN-lf6doqCHEto9qmDEdzyPNqWm2BKQNcTdfdXuSPAZonMUxJC) I've been obsessing over Tamers lately. And why not obsess? It's the best season there is. So without further ado, the first episode from the BluRay box, with multiple audio tracks! I'm doing this thing as an experiment, and I may or may not be completing the series. Video is from CXRAW There are three audio tracks: Japanese Stereo (FLAC) Jetix English Dub, Stereo (AC3, chimeric audio, spliced from the BTN release) Singaporean English Dub, Stereo (FLAC, lossy audio reencoded in this format to preserve audio fidelity, since the 'next episode' stinger is in Japanese, and is from CXRAW) Subs are from WildBunch The Singaporean audio was somewhat recalcitrant to syncing, and isn't the best quality, but we have AniDisTin to thank that it even exists. I might do a batch torrent of the first 7-8 episodes, depending on when I finish with them and when I get a seedbox subscription, but they may or may not have the Singaporean dub audio, since AniDisTin doesn't seem to have uploaded episodes 3-46 on his cloud drive. If and when I find the episodes, I'll mux them in. As of now, I'm working on the 7th episode (I had actually finished, but due to a foolish error on my part got some audio from the original Japanese mixed in, so I had to start over) of Tamers. Also, there are some rumours going around that Digimon Tamers is returning to Indian television. If this happens, and I doubt it will, you will also see a Hindi audio track in my releases. **It's raining Digimon y'all!**

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  • [VeloEncodes] Digimon Tamers Episode 01 - Guilmon's Birth! The Digimon I Created (Multi-Audio) (Jpn 2.0 + Eng 2.0 + Sg En 2.0) (10-bit) (1080p BDRip) [2F7E9813].mkv (674.7 MiB)

thecharioteermode (uploader)

To those having problems downloading, I'm really sorry. The torrent wasn't initially seeding for some reason. Also, my upload and download speed take a major hit at night and max out during morning time, so keep that in mind too.
Please do the rest of the episodes, if you have the time

thecharioteermode (uploader)

As I said, I've been obsessing over this series, so I might actually just finish it. Also, if possible, I'd like to finish episodes 7-12 by Halloween (I'm done with the first 6), so a batch torrent is not farfetched. However, all of this is contingent upon how much time I actually get, as well as when I get a seedbox subscription. Also, most likely any episodes beyond episode 2 will not have the Singaporean dub audio, since that is hard to come by. However, should I come by a new source with all the episodes in the Singaporean dub, or AniDisTin uploads any more of them, I'll be more than glad to mux them in with my release. While the Singaporean English dub has been a pain in the rear to work with, even though it uses the Japanese OP, ED, insert songs and BGM, it's an absolute delight to watch. Anything for the love of Digimon.
I'm going to be looking forward to this. :)

thecharioteermode (uploader)

Just a quick update: AniDisTin doesn't have all of the episodes (Singaporean dub), but I found a Bitchute user named RenRei00, who has uploaded every single one of the episodes in the Singaporean dub audio. If I'm able to get a cheap seedbox subscription by Halloween, I'll be doing a batch torrent of the first 6 or 7 episodes by then. I am open to suggestions for seedboxes, since I'm on a tight budget.