[lain32] Legend of Galactic Heroes: I Am Waiting For You / Tabidachi no Jokyoku (VSD LaserDisc LDrip 480p AC3 MKV)

2019-09-30 05:00 UTC
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### Legend of Galactic Heroes: I Am Waiting For You / Tabidachi no Jokyoku (VSD - LaserDisc 5") ![UY Cover](https://i.postimg.cc/fTPNbZG0/Cover.png "LD") #### Publisher: Tokuma Japan Communications #### Format: LaserDisc, NTSC, English / Japanese Dialogue #### Length: ~3 minutes #### Original Release Date: 1991 ? (PROMOTIONAL ITEM) #### Animation Exclusive to this Release: Yes ? ##### Seems to have been a premium included with the Series 2 box set. #### Track List: I Am Waiting For You (English) Tabidachi no Jokyoku (Japanese) #### Made by using a DVL-H9 & Sony BDZ-X95 BD Recorder ![UY Cover](https://i.postimg.cc/kXgSmFCg/Legend-of-Galactic-Heroes-I-Am-Waiting-For-You-Tabidachi-no.png "LD")

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Do you have any others of these?

lain32 (uploader)

@LCE, Most of the VSD or CDV were not anime related. However I do have two CDV & one more Anime VSD disc coming in. Kimagure Orange Road CDV 1 & 2 non-credit version of openings and endings. Also have a ton more LaserDisc that I'm going to be ripping, I'll also finally be able to fix Nadia music video 2 that had bad video and sound.

lain32 (uploader)

UPDATE: I was looking for more CDVs & VSDs & ended up buying 3 more discs. One being another Legend of Galactic Heroes VSD. This one, so I'll be adding that once I get it. https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/619xWYTQbiL.jpg Also getting two Studio Ghibli VSD, Laputa Castle in the Sky & Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. Not sure what's on them, hope its something good. Now I"m looking for the “My Neighbor Totoro” Mother Returning VSD, What's on this!? Is it an add-on to the story as its name sure sounds like it.
Probably should of just did what the rules said lain32 and not provided upscale past 576p. It don't matter if your other stuff got through 'cuz more than likely they weren't found out. I found other stuff by others that still on here but I ain't reporting them. If you really insist just do 576p if they are LD or DVD and leave it at that. Also, there's no real point in providing upscales for Kimagure Orange Road since there's a Blu-ray for it readily available (they are on Disc 5, m2ts 008,009,014-16) and they look better overall with more details. I think you gotta go to IIRC or something and ask them to reinstate your account. See here https://nyaa.si/help It'd be a shame not to get them rare stuff you provide on this site.
Danke for the unique uploads

lain32 (uploader)

@noZA_ All is well now, sadly the rules need to be updated to make it easier to get as no LaserDisc or anything below DVD is listed. BakaBT does a batter job of giving you info on upscale. I never realized it until today, it would have been nicer if they left a comment saying what was wrong first and giving a warning. The rules should be more pacific & say upscales are not allowed unless approved by a moderator or something. As for Kimagure Orange Road OP/ED being on Blu-ray, I just found out today that they actually did release it on the 2018 Blu-ray. I was thinking it was still only limited to the rare CDV & LD releases. @VyseLegendaire, Yeah I would have realized it sooner if they actually removed my first upscale that I uploaded over a year ago... that I just removed myself today. Urusei Yatsura - TV Titles LD I also upscale using waifu2x. 480p non-upscale is still available but will be removed soon. As I'll be ripping the 10th Anniversary Edition that came with Digital Audio.
Would you please upload any more of these discs you might have?