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2019-09-28 22:35 UTC
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  • [HorribleSubs] Fairy Tail Final Season - 328 [1080p].mkv (1.3 GiB)
Wow. It was a long journey.
what a great series... hope thats not the end.!.!
it's been 120 months since this first aired can't believe it's over hope they animate the 100 quest, but there is a better chance of Eden's Zero getting animated before that since the author is working on both Manga at the same time right now it also depends how long it will be as well
what am i supposed to do now :(
there are a billion other shows, find them lads, fairy tail was pretty shit after ep 175 or so anyway but had to finish it
it will be awhile until anything is announced or released until next time Fairy tali !
gothicmaster, I kinda agree But still it will always be a legendary show … it was a long journey after all
gothicmaster, I kinda agree But still it will always be a legendary show … it was a long journey after all
This might be a spoiler so don't read until youv'e seen this final episode. [Spoiler] It looks like there could be a continuation at the end when they go off on a new adventure, should the author change his mind and decide to do it Eden Zero doesn't seem that unique the plot doesn't seem as good as what Fairy Tail can pull off since there is Magic and Edolas world that means there is a Twin of everyone including Zeref and Acnologia but they also can introduce some even way stronger enemies than even Zeref and Acnologia in Edolas. Also how about the God that cursed Zeref in the first place shouldn't he be the final boss? We didn't even see Lucy's King of spirits again and not many of her summons either, in Edolas Parallel world. Still Eden's Zero just looks like a fairy tail rip off, I don't think he should of ripped his own work to be almost identical with new characters that are literally identical with difference hair colours, you may as well continued fairy tail for another 10 years lol. [/spoiler] Either way no other anime can pull off emotional yet uplifting at the same time than Fairy tail nor one with better music, and character designs are priceless cool rpg style I like, they should totally make an rpg of this for ps4 and or xbox one. And make it to level upto 999 with tons of areas and quests, Shit I want this like xenoblade chronicles X that game took me 5 years to finish all 100% lol