KochiKame - 005 (Web 480p) [Elusive]

2019-09-28 12:05 UTC
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Hello there, everyone! This is the first release from Elusive Fansubs. A new group made up of former members of ATTKC. We're continuing from where we left off with fansubbing Kochikame, starting with episode 5. *005 - I Love Skiing on Shaved Ice* The title of this episode contains wordplay between the word "love" and "ski", both of which are pronounced "suki" in Japanese. You may notice there's two subtitle files included in the episode. Well, previously we had translated honorifics like "senpai" to something like "sir", as well as removed honorifics like "san", "chan", and "kun"... or just translated them based on the context. Well, we're going to continue with that tradition, and the default track will still have honorifics removed and/or translated. This is for any viewers not familiar with the Japanese language whatsoever, who still want to watch the show. However, we will now also be including a second version of the script, which will be identical to the first script, except with the honorifics in-tact. We hope this addition will please all of the fans of the show. Credits: Joka - translation, QC Dknight - script editing VigorousJammer - timing, typesetting, QC ![](https://i.imgur.com/8tp8tLw.png)

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Thanks so much!!
Awesome! Thank you!!!
Fantastic! How often do you think these episodes will come out?
Wow! Thank you!

vigorousjammer (uploader)

@Oreldo: Hard to say. We have already started work on episodes 6, 7, and 8, so those should come out relatively soon, but the bulk of the translation is being done from Spanish, which is then compared against the Japanese version during editing, for consistency and accuracy, so that tends to take a bit more time than a regular translation. Not too much more time, though, thankfully. However, I'm timing the episodes while still juggling a bunch of other projects, so I feel like I could end up being a bit inconsistent, which could end up being a bottleneck for our release schedule. If we could get a dedicated timer who could pre-time episodes, then that should help speed the process up. Contact us on our Discord if you're interested.
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