[Suibian Subs] The Untamed CN Drama Ep 08 English Subbed

2019-09-25 18:40 UTC
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# The Untamed CN Drama Ep 08 English Soft-subbed ![alt text](https://i.imgur.com/XN663Uh.png) Hello All, Here's Ep 08 of The Untamed live-action series English subbed :) **Subtitle Credits**: Translation: Zhiyen ED Song Translation: iarrod ED Song Translation Check: gravitydefyingtears Timing, Typesetting: kittykat2010 Text effects and Quality Check:ascii Enjoy!! ^v^ ### PS: Please **_DO NOT_** remove credits from the subtitles and please also **_DO NOT_** upload these episodes to Youtube or any other website. ### We have picked up this series for subbing for our own fun and so sharing here for any drama series collectors like us. ### We do not claim any ownership to this drama. All credits go to the makers. ### _This is a free fansub by fans for fans._ ### Please seed this torrent as much as you can. It will be really helpful.

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thank you :-) ... I am curious about this series so I am going to give it a look (starting with ep 1) I am curious ... is there any chance of getting a fresh upload, and English subtitles for Sachiiro no one room ... I have been reading the manga, and the story is very dark/twisted and fascinating ... I only just found out that there was a live action series done of it http://asianwiki.com/A_Little_Room_For_Hope the raws for it were uploaded in here back in 2018 https://nyaa.si/view/1079982 one of the comments made back then was about waiting for the BD version to come out (please maybe 720p and x264)
hi there, hi komugi, this series is absolutely wonderful! Believe me! The couple Lan Jan/Wei Ying is fantastic and there is a second one, I cried... Yes, it is a little bit different from the manhua (chinese novel), but I am not going to say anything, watch it ;) And the translation work here is so great, it is a pleasure to watch it again and again, many thanks for your work ;)
@ Melineee ... well ... I am not capable of watching it ... I tried 2 different computers, and 4 different video players ... I either get good video with a really bad sound track, or I get a good sound track with no video

asckj1 (uploader)

@komugi I'm sorry I can;t help you with "Sachiiro no one room". Our group is primarily working on Chinese audio drama actually. We picked up "The Untamed" live-action only because it was an MDZS novel adaptation and our whole group loves this novel very very much. Also, if you are finding problems with viewing the files for "The Untamed", you could try to download VLC Player -> https://www.videolan.org/vlc/ (This is available for Windows, Linux, MAC as well as Android devices) and then try to open these files. These videos are x265 or HEVC videos. So they are best played only in VLC Player or with Media Player Classic player (but for this you need to install K-Lite Codec pack beforehand).
@asckj1: wonderful work guys! :)
Hi there, how are you? any news please from the team? thank you very much :)