[Ohys-Raws] Psycho-Pass Sinners of the System - 01 (BD 1920x1080 x264 FLACx3).mkv

2019-09-21 01:23 UTC
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  • [Ohys-Raws] Psycho-Pass Sinners of the System - 01 (BD 1920x1080 x264 FLACx3).mkv (5.5 GiB)
Somebody sub these please
Learn Japanese instead of complaining
I'm not complaining tho
"Learn Japanese" Ok! "Inu unko hoshi ka?" Is everything right/pass?
犬のうんこが欲しいですか? is correct. Your sentence is grammatically incorrect. Don't use romaji. Makes me wish I was Louise Braille. And yes, you are complaining. "Waaaaa where are my subs waaaaaaaaaaaaa BabyRage"
>Requesting subs = complaining
Requesting subs that are already being working on by fansubbers = complaining
@Denpa What's your problem? A lot of people are waiting for subs as well. We're not going to learn an entire language overnight. Also, I don't even know which fansubbers are working on these movies.
LMAO I can speak Japanese too. But should you brag about it or use it as a shitty advice? 「フハハハハ!ファンサブを乞うしかできない哀れな雑種共ォ!貴様らとは違って俺様はな・ん・と日本語がわかるんだぜ。あー、優越感すげぇー気持ちいい。俺様こそキング・オブ・WEEBだぜ!」 ↑Basically @Denpa.
Nobody said you can learn it overnight. Imagine putting words into people's mouths and thinking that you're very smart. At what point did I say that I'm superior because I know Japanese? When did I brag about it? Telling people to learn Japanese is a shitty advice? Boy, I hope you never told anyone to learn anything because otherwise you're just another walking talking hypocrite.
Yes it is a shitty advice. Would they actually learn it? How much time will it take to finally watch this anime? And I've seen you for quite sometime saying the same sentence again and again and again. Instead of "LEARN JAPANESE", "STFU" or "PATIENCE" would be better. But honestly I don't give a fuck, we both pirate we're not qualified to judge other ppl. And of course you think you are the right one. OK then, good day goodbye.
Oh wow, this was actually uploaded TODAY, just as I was thinking of re-watching all the previous seasons because we're getting a third one. Hopefully some fansubs or at least japanese transcripts will be available by the time I get to these 3 movies.
It is not recommended to watch this work with poor translation. This is because the true meaning of words cannot be understood. この作品を鑑賞するにあたって下手糞な翻訳で見ることはお勧めしない。 言葉の真意を理解出来ないからである。
subs subs subs...
I will wait for subs But can someone tell me how long each movie ?? I hope it is not over 1 hour cause watching 3 movies will take too much time.
lol this comment thread. Look, asking for subs on a raw ripper release is essentially yelling for water in the middle of the Sahara. You clowns should know better.
@tt313: That is all irrelevant. If even one person decides to properly learn Japanese after reading my post, then it makes my effort worth it. I don't understand why people think like this. A criminal has just as much right as the common man to judge people. What matters is what is being said, not who is saying it. And although I do pirate now, once I become financially independent, I intend to put my money where my mouth is. And yes, I'm right, you're wrong so let's all get along. @maroon1: They are one hour each. @naruru: Well said. @Ahegao: Well said.
>makes my effort worth it Don't kid yourself. What you're doing amounts to no more than creating conflict.
Even I know Japanese onichan, baka!
> complain express dissatisfaction or annoyance about something. > request an act of asking politely or formally for something. "a request for information" > Somebody sub these please Denpa is just desperate to justify his shitty efforts at learning Japanese by getting to look smart online. Not everyone can afford to spend the ungodly amount of hours it takes to learn Japanese well. Requesting for subs here is just people venting, or people trying to do their bit in showing the demand. It's (very obviously) mostly pointless, but who knows, someone somewhere at some point has probably once looked at these comments and requests and thought "I guess I could take a shot at it" or, "I guess I could pick this one up"
@Denpa I just wanted to watch the movie in both languages. I speak English and Japanese and have watched all the episodes of Psycho-pass in English dubs and Japanese, which I found quite enjoyable in either way. Will you kindly let me ask someone for the subs?
@Ahegao No, we’re expecting someone other than the submitter to get our message. This is a community board. It works that way.
@Denpa Who's working on the subs?
This thread made my day. XDD
your mom make a sub
Oh wow a quarrel for subs? I found chinese subs and google translated them. They are awful ofc but the sub are pretty much understandable imo. If you dont want to wait for a better subs then have fun lol https://mega.nz/#!PUo1gQII!-q3hyWQAWHtwEKm3kWZgZJzjipLAgUBK4TqUL3keUA0
WTF happened here XD
@remunaw12 Your zip has a password on it...
@remunaw12 can you remove the password for the zip file? thanks!
woah wtf did i start