Weiss Kreuz OVA (TV 640x496) [peachflavored]

2019-09-19 16:39 UTC
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Behold! Weiss Kreuz OVA for the modern times (well, sort of...)! About this project ------------------ This is one of those projects that I've been longing to do for a long time since there's no available softsub version of this particular OVA. I mean, there is the Ra-Calium version which is softsubbed but no one seems to have it for sharing. At least I haven't managed to find it anywhere. Also, it seems rather difficult to find raws for this anime with decent quality (DVD seems to be the best source) but even then I couldn't find any DVD rip so I used the TV version which it was what I could find after a lot of searching around. I also found a DVD ISO but with 0 seeds since 2008 so no luck there. With this in mind, here's a softsubbed version of this rather enjoyable OVA. What's done ----------- As with other projects in the past, every line of dialogue was done using old scripts from other people, which were acknowledged in the process. I edited and revised what was in need of being changed, adjusted timings and so on. The raws used are not the best quality around but are quite watchable given the circumstances. If I recall, the hardsubbed DVD rips aren't great either. What's not done --------------- As far as subtitles go, they're pretty much done (errors might still be present, one peach army here). Note that these subtitles were done for the DVD version so the preview for next episode at the end of OVA1 is not subtitled (it's not worth the effort). Also, the sound abruptly cuts at the very end of OVA2 for some reason. If a better source pops up some day, and I hope it does, I'll make a v2 of these. If anyone wants to be kind enough (once again!) and add this release to AniDB, please do so. Place it under the group peachflavored. Specs ----- Video OVA1: DivX 5 640x496 29.97fps Audio OVA1: MP3 48000Hz stereo 112kbps Video OVA2: DivX 5 640x496 29.97fps Audio OVA2: MP3 48000Hz stereo 112kbps Subtitles: English (.ass) (Edited from the original SRT script) Special thanks -------------- Some random russian anon - For sharing these files and appearing out of nowhere to seed a dead torrent. One of Fire, Ayahonyaku and Jey Kama and AD - For subtitling and timing this the first time around. I'll be seeding this for as long as I feel it's necessary so if anyone wants to help, it's much welcome! And that's all for now, good sirs! ~peachflavored

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