[Asakura] Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san S2 - 06 [1080p]

2019-09-18 16:35 UTC
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![alt text](https://i.imgur.com/qo9IJCW.jpg "Cute") *Hella Cute* Another one! More soon. Please note, that I only support [stable](https://mpv.srsfckn.biz) builds of mpv to play the files correctly, so use that! If you find any errors in translation or TS, please let me know.

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  • [Asakura] Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san S2 - 06 [1080p] [A6A2EA19].mkv (1016.7 MiB)
i am looking forward to having your encode of Ep 8 that the other team has not yet managed to make a version that plays normally. thanks a lot for your work

Asakura (uploader)

@AdamEve Neon uses same source as I'm using. Neither he nor I does the encode. Do you use mpv?
MPC-HC becasue of the extra adjustment and fine tuning controls. All of the other episodes work ok. I saw a lot of chatter about which condex to use etc. but none of it worked. there was still a break in the stream. It is not the source that is the problem it is how the subs were adjusted. I presumed you are using your own settings. I misused the word Encode sorry about that. I should have just said settings.
@AdamEve I've watched every episode of Neon's release on Plex with 0 issues, or at least, no issues that I can remember.
I dont use Plex

Asakura (uploader)

As I mention in all of my torrents, I only support mpv as a player to play the files. Not because of the videos, but subs, because other players are known to nor work correctly with libass.
Thankyou for your continued work on this series, it is very much appreciated.
every fansub group support a player or an other. I watch all my video on one player, not 46...


@a1anne: the player really doesn't matter much. I watch almost everything in Kodi and the few videos that I watch in something else I play in VLC. I've never had any issues regardless of what fansubbers "support."

Asakura (uploader)

By support I don't mean that I make subs for that player specifically. It's just known fact that mpv supports .ass better than any other player, without any errors. Of course its your choice which player to use, but best playback experience is not guaranteed that way.