[Pokedex] Pocket Monsters (Pokemon) - 004 [0F7ACA8E].mkv

2019-09-16 10:27 UTC
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Looking for competent editor and typesetter. Contact kumo8#0987 on Discord for more information. Video this time around sourced from KIDS cap with all the Porygon edits I could find reverted from Hulu web-dl. The black levels (or something, there's major detail loss in dark areas because they all like crush together) in the US BD are totally fucked for this episode. Do let us know if there were porygon edits we missed. If you have playback problems (this release is 10bit) we recommend watching the release with MPV. No support will be given for any other player. This project uses original names for both people and places (eg. Satoshi, Masara Town) and official English localization names for all Pokemon, their moves and items. We realize there is no pleasing everyone in this situation without doing entirely too many multitracks which we have no desire to do, so we humbly request you respect our decision. Know that any comments asking to use anything else will be ignored. Feel free to demux the subs and edit it to your liking though. This release IS soft subbed, after all. #pokedex@irc.rizon.net Staff TL (dialogue, songs): kumo8 Edit: kumo8 TLC: Etoce Time: kumo8 Typesetting: KoolKidsK Encode: KoolKidsK QC: KoolKidsK Special thanks: skr, akai, #pokemon@irc.hoshinet.org

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  • [Pokedex] Pocket Monsters - 004 [0F7ACA8E].mkv (292.2 MiB)
Not a pokey fan myself, but I appreciate the effort done on this
this reminds my childhood thanks for this.
Thanks. Please keep it up. ^^
100 year again until this series will be end xD
Ah, going back from ep 1 again... I didn't really watch any pokemon series, tried to get all those PM releases until they stopped, I hope you can manage to go through more eps than that group and wish you the best, really.
Thanks alot! <3
Is this dropped or what? I don't mean to rush you, I appreciate the efforts. Just looking forward to the next episode.
gonna reiterate the above question. not trying to rush you, just legit curious if you still intend to continue.
We need at least a typesetter to continue. Contact kumo8#0987 if interested.
Why didn't you guys remove kids station semi transparent logo?
Why didn't you guys just used the op and Ed from BD as in ep1? Also it'd be nice if you made Ordered chapters with separate op/Ed files, would have saved some disk space.
Appreciate the effort into giving us the full original experience of the Anime. Never seen the early episodes look so crisp and vibrant in colors either! If you ever decide to stop this project it is totally okay! It is a lot of episodes and a lot of effort just for hobbyists doing things they love in their free time and sharing it with the rest of the world. Don't let the original RAW R2J dvd's die off though...they are nowhere to be found today...