[NeSubs / Septet] Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san 2 - 11 (English Softsub)

2019-09-16 00:36 UTC
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English subtitles for Episode 11 of Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san 2 (English Softsub) Steps / Fireworks / Souvenirs / Promises (Aired on September 15, 2019) ~Credits~ RAW: Better-Raws (Netflix, 1080p) Translation: NeSubs, Septet Typesetting: the_swizzler TL Check / Quality Control: Septet Special Thanks: Noroinohanako Please follow @Ne_Subs on Twitter for future releases Look forward to the finale, Episode 12, next week!

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  • [NeSubs-Septet] Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san 2 - 11 (English Softsub).mkv (1013.3 MiB)
Thanks. #fuck720p #fuckhevc #fuckreencode #fuckseed
I remember a time when no one posted unnecessary hash tags on Nyaa's comments section. You're watching anime for free. Stop complaining.
I love you for translating this anime
Thank you as always im so happy you figured out a way to have it uploaded the same day again. Please keep up the good work; we love you for it and very much appreciate the time and effort :)
Thanks again! Prediction - both the manga and the anime go to the summer festival next week, and Nishikata finally mans up.
Alas, as much as I enjoy this show, it's equally frustrating because I think Nishikata will *never* get a clue or man up. :/ Thank you for keeping this going NeonToaster.
Thanks for the Japanese subs, I rarely get those for seasonal stuff like this.
@AmiVidar they get married and have a kid, so at one point he will. Its a separate manga and I think they showed it shortly on the anime to. Love the scene where he asks her out :)