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2019-09-12 07:20 UTC
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I couldn't find a torrent for collection of all scanlations for Last Game. So I made one by scraping from mangarock. As far as I know no single group did the whole translation and it doesn't have an official release, so these are the best quality I could find. Note: It isn't organized by chapters in the cbz file. If you want me to upload a chapter organized version leave a comment below Another note: I could have done a mistake. Some pages are probably out of order. You can find chapters organized in folders if you rename the extension to zip/rar/7z and unzip it.

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  • Last Game.7z (450.7 MiB)
\> I could have done a mistake. Some pages are probably out of order. Why not do it correctly the first time and/or check your work? \> Last Game.7z (450.7 MiB) Why create a single large archive using a less widely supported compression method and file format instead of simply one zip archive for each volume? Instead of ripping re-encoded .webps, and since some of the images on [MD]( are inferior, you should have just downloaded the original files from [IA]( for chapters 1-44 and the [scanlators](' website for chapters 45-56.5. Properly organized magazine scanlations are available [here](!dFEn2QiK!yqAPEJmF0bSUbBZ5-pRRRA) and volume raws [here](!UU8BgYaC!nOLFFP2PZHfAkZN7W3XegQ). The former were collected from the following sources: 1. c01-44 (IA): * c01-11,11.5,12-15: watermarked, but MD has cropped images, some of which were watermarked twice * c05.5+05.6,16-18,20-30,32+33,39,42-44: identical to MD * c19: MD has the inferior version ([comparison]( from a temporary group, whose puny [blog]( is still more functional and useful than OP's * c31: MD has bloated .pngs (~7.37 MiB vs. ~44.45 MiB), that were transcoded from .jpgs and have a sepia(?) tint ([comparison]( * c34+35,38,40+41: MD has cropped images * c36+37: despite the sepia(?) tint ([comparison](, because MD has cropped images 2. c45-56.5: DDL on scanlators' website (identical to MD)
Changes: - All seperate spam pages have been removed. On-page spam has not been removed from lossily encoded images and split pages have not been joined to avoid any further reduction in quality. - All chapters have been numbered and sorted according to the raw volumes' tables of contents (e.g.: c55.5 -> v11_x03), except for chapter 56.5, which was inserted after chapter 56. - Missing pages have been added, raw pages included in the scanlations have been replaced with cleaner volume scans ([example]( where possible and magazine (color) covers were kept as alternatives. - Raw volume extra pages have been added and tagged as such, so that you do not have to also download the full raws for the new images. This does not include the small inserts that replaced the magazine ads. - For the poll result pages of chapter 56, the translated text on the scanlators' website has been included as screenshots at the end of the chapter. - Unnecessary metadata have been removed, which also saves some space. Many of the volume extra pages and chapters were never translated, as the scanlators mostly used magazine scans and, for whatever reason, about a handful of the regular pages seem to have been missed. Some chapters and images are of rather low quality ([examples]( and at least chapters 1-15 should be completely redone ([examples]( Imagine being such a retarded piece of shit that you watermark every page of your shit release.

SingularReza (uploader)

Thanks for taking sometime off and typing all the sources and changes! Yeah I am pretty stupid, I was in a hurry (don't know why) and uploaded it immediately. I did try to collect all the original scanlations but two of the scanlation group sites are down and the idea of searching internet archive didn't get into my head. I will eventually upload a better version with all files organized and will re translate some pages myself
I will wait for the fixed version, but thanks for attempting nonetheless!!
Both of you seem to have missed my main point: The changes listed above refer to the differences between the files, that could already be found on IA or the scanlators' website, and the new archives linked above, which should be the best version of this series currently available.

SingularReza (uploader)

I did get your point, what I am saying is that translation is inconsistent. I will fix it and upload that version