[B-Bass] Seitokai Yakuindomo S2 OAD - 24

2019-09-09 13:05 UTC
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Group effort. We intend on translating episode 25 when it is released too. EDIT: A movie was just announced and I'm sure we will translate that too. Video / Audio / Base Timing Source - MSRSub&Todokoi 720p source. OP/ED - Noem-light’s source. Translation - B-Bass + PrinceXizor and Soul Sign TL - B-Bass + PrinceXizor and Soul TS - Astral QC - DoubleMangekyo Timing - B-Bass

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  • [B-Bass] Seitokai Yakuindomo S2 OAD - 24 [07C0156D].mkv (391.9 MiB)
I wish people would just used the proper numbers? is this 09?
It is 10. If you count the movie. 9 if you're not.
@mad_le_zisell The movie is actually considered 2 ovas.
@Komic. I know. But it's still one movie, ergo I count it as one video.
Nicely done! ^_^ And @komic I know what you're saying about the episode numbers.... Seitokai Yakuindomo seems to have gone out of its way to make numbering things make sense in different ways, which makes different people adopt different styles.... Technically, this is the 9th OVA. I personally prefer to think of it as episode 24, because it helps me understand the viewing order... The main reason so many people choose to number the episodes and ovas together is because of the way the opening "school rules" dialogues go, citing "Article 2, Section XX" and so on... in the OVA's, what could be called "episode 19" or "OVA 06" cites "Article 2, Section 19" ... then the movie cites "Special Additional Provision" ... and then the NEXT OVA which could be listed as "OVA 07" or "episode 20" if you're simply going by when it came out, cites "Article 2, Section 22" ...and sure enough, the end of that OVA references a line of dialogue that happens IN the movie, which places it chronologically AFTER the movie... Causing people to want to note this by calling the movie episodes 20 and 21, which makes the OVA's "Section 22" line up with an understandable episode number... Interestingly, this OVA did NOT come with a new school rule. I will be interested to see if future OVA's change the numbering system...

B-Bass12333 (uploader)

To all those mentioning the episode numbering. http://puu.sh/Eff12/b3f41382d6.jpg It says during the episode that it is Episode 24 of Season 2. No matter the OVA. They decided to continue the numbering. On top of what eric said, yes this episode did not have a school rule and no-one on this earth was more disappointed then I was about that.
Too nice to be true! Thanks!
About episodes numbering. The continuation of season 2, aka Seitokai Yakuindomo *, is "organized like this: Seitokai Yakuindomo * OVA: this is episode 15 Seitokai Yakuindomo * OAD: these are ep 14, 16-19, 22-25, released with the manga volumes Seitokai Yakuindomo * Movie: this is episode 20+21 On AniDB, the OADs are numbered consecutively so: OAD 1 = ep 14 OAD 2 = ep 16 (because 15 is the OVA) OAD 3,4,5 = ep 17, 18, 19 OAD 6 = ep 22 (because 20+21 is the movie) OAD 7,8,9 = ep 23,24,25 yes, it's a mess.
So this is OVA 11, including the movie as 7-8. Episode 24 of S2 (* or Bleep), including the movie as 20-21. OR OVA 9 if you don't count the movie.


Been refreshing the page every day for the past couple of weeks, huge thanks @B-Bass12333! I was also surprised that there was no new school rule (wonder what's changed since 23...), well guess we'll have to wait and see whether 25 will have a new one. Too bad we have to wait a year this time. I wish they just do a proper 3rd season. If they make 2 more episodes after 25 the OADs will surpass the actual season in length / number of episodes...

B-Bass12333 (uploader)

Can only hope. I'd love a season 3. Dunno if we would be able to sub a weekly show though lol.
shame we'll have to wait for another year, keep up the good work!