[Eliuna] Gekijouban Youjo Senki (BD 1920x1080 x264 FLAC).mkv

2019-09-02 07:47 UTC
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Originally subbed by 2ch-sub into Russian. Authorization not given, assumed. Translated by pira97 into English. Authorization implied. Raw by Ohys-Raws, ver. 1920x1080 x264 FLAC. Authorization not given, partially implied and assumed. Styles by Nep_Blanc. Authorization not given, assumed. Various retranslations and translations by me. Signs translated, and translation placement by me. Edited, retimed, and remuxed by me. All credit to be attributed to their relevant owners. Thank you for your patience regarding this matter. Of note is that I wrote this while with the purchaseable translations of the LN in mind, as well as subtitles already released by more pertinent groups. One such discrepancy is "Mosko-" into "Moscow" vs. "Moskva", despite the former being more so lingually accurate. But I digress. v2 at a "later point(tm)" to include the ending theme and any signs I might've missed. 720p ver. later upon request. Please be patient with me. Please understand. I've worked on this for forty hours straight at this point. I'm tired. Also of note, my seed capacity is relatively limited, but will otherwise be uninterrupted.

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  • [Eliuna] Gekijouban Youjo Senki (BD 1920x1080 x264 FLAC).mkv (4.6 GiB)

Asaeia (uploader)

I would like to apologize for the delayed seed. This is my first time doing a thing like this. It will not happen again.
So it was translated from Japanese to Russian to English?

Asaeia (uploader)

@Astral That is indeed the case.
Russian was probably Google TL'd from Chinese. They do that quite often.

Asaeia (uploader)

Checking my work for the third time, I have already detected several errors that I hadn't caught in the checks prior to upload. I assert that I am tired. Please be patient with me.
hello OP, could you send .ass file for use with 720p ohys raw?
First of all, thank you for your effort . Maybe it would be best to just upload the corrected sub again and not the hole movie. So everyone saves traffic and its way faster.
Thank you @Asaeia really appreciate for subbing Youjo Senki Movie. The wait is enough time to watch this
Thanks so much. I occasionally do sub work and it is very time consuming. I greatly respect your effort.
thanks for your hard work!
I've been looking the subs over and they look awesome! Thanks again, man.
Mad respect... a lot of the parts were really far off from what they were actually saying but you make it sound movie script level legit! Flows great and formatting is beautiful. Kills some details but the general idea is there. Would recommend waiting for better subs, but this is perfectly watchable if you're not ocd
@ThatTwG I'll wait for yours. Meantime, many thanks to @Asaeia, I can watch and enjoy the movie now.
I retimed the subs to be compatible with Moozzi2 source. Just merge it with mkvtoolnix. https://www109.zippyshare.com/v/H4HZnnUf/file.html Great sub, there are some few errors in timing but not a big deal since the translation is very understandable.
>Originally subbed by 2ch-sub into Russian. Authorization not given, assumed. Lol, I did not expect our subs to cause such a stir on the external Internet. It is Awesome. The truth is a little sorry that you replaced my little jokes and trigger warning at the beginning, but probably in another country they are not needed. I hope you were comfortable working with them. You are well done p.s Do not believe those, who say that it is Chines GT. Cake is lie. *2ch-anonymous*
Uhh, I didn't give you authorization to upload this...
Lol, Piracy don't need authorization, thanks anyway.
hahahaha 'authorization to upload this'. what am I reading??XDd thanks for the sub @Asaeia !
Anybody who's willing to do sub dor this one?? @Astral perhaps? ^_^
you sir are hero. thx <3 hm.... the pira97 subs, unless these are newer than the ones i got, they aren't perfect. it's passable but there can be improvement. some of the sentences weren't smooth or felt nonsensical at times. *update the subs do seem much better than the ones i got before. but i did spot some typos here and there, but nothing too major to ruin the experience. the video quality of the Ohys-Raws vs mozzi does seem slightly less visually pleasing, but it's half the file size. I doubt 99% of people would mind. I'm actually waiting for Nep Blanc to come out with a X265 release for even better file size (but with acceptable quality). Usually i'd go with AAC, but they did an amazing job with the sound in this movie, that i would recommend going for Flac.
@Kamiyan93 >Russian was probably Google TL’d from Chinese. No it wasn't. I'm Russian and I can confirm that 2ch subs for this movie are not an automatic translation.
@EvanSy Thanks!


@Asaeia A little tip on seeding. If you are the only seeder and have a limitted connection, limit yourself to only a few uploading connections. The ones you seed to will seed to others for you and the _whole file_ will be out as fast as possible.
.ass/sub file pls? Also maybe separate subs from movies in the future.
Thank you for the hard work, comrad
Thanks for the release. Its better than nothing and it will do fine until some large group releases it.
Thank you for the release, hope to get better-translated english subs!!
@theo1996, Here are the English subtitles from this file: https://mega.nz/#!i8BTmSib!8aPSO9w_xSNp7LEQVlhXSWtx1Doase6aqFHd2zFNt2k @Asaeia, It was better to take timing from Russian subtitles, but translate directly from Japanese into English.
Audio stops working after 2:30 minutes, the raw has that problem too. I'm using vlc, any fix?
Why isn't anyone saying anything about the bugged audio?
Thanks a lot for this!
@ThatTwG Are we expecting new subs soon?
@lerusso No need, these subs are just fine. Just watched and it was really enjoyable. If you can deal with very minor grammar mistakes and possibly inaccurate translations (can't tell, don't speak Japanese), this is good. The translations itself are very great, if they were inaccurate, I wasn't able to tell. I loved every bit of this
@mahruan thanks. I can see TLs are good enough but none of the signs appear properly in my viewers and I tried to convert the whole movie into DVD but it failed.
@lerusso Mhmm, I haven't had time to work on it past few days, working on it right now... should be done in an hour or two. @mahruan You're right, these subs are pretty good. sites like KissAnime are using this.
He must be feeling so proud rn sites like KissAnime using it.
>Authorization not given, assumed. Great meme potential
Thanks for sharing your work on Nyaa -- from the download stats yours is the one -- appreciate it.