Uta + Uta Christmas | Plain Song + Plain Song Christmas Special (English)

2019-08-26 21:42 UTC
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This contains the English translations of two visual novels: Uta (Plain Song) and its side story Uta Christmas (Plain Song Christmas Special). Unfortunately, while only the Windows version of Uta (Plain Song) is included, the Linux and OSX (PowerPC, I assume.) versions of the side story are in this torrent. --- #### Information | --- | --- | |---|:---:| |**Title**|[Uta](https://vndb.org/v289)| |**Original title**|~歌~| |**Aliases**|Plain Song| |**Length**|Very short (< 2 hours)| |**Developer**|Eno Yamamoto Ten| |**Publishers**|Eno Yamamoto Ten *(Japanese)*| ||Misu-Net & Seung Park *(English)*| ||Tsukiyo Novel *(French)*| |**Relations**|*Side story*: [Uta Christmas](https://vndb.org/v290)| **Description** >A piece about a lonely (and apparently unpopular) young musician and the quiet girl who listens to him sing every day. | --- | --- | |---|:---:| |**Title**|[Uta Christmas](https://vndb.org/v290)| |**Original title**|~歌~+αKURUSIMIMASU| |**Aliases**|Plain Song Christmas Special| |**Length**|Very short (< 2 hours)| |**Developer**|Eno Yamamoto Ten| |**Publishers**|Eno Yamamoto Ten *(Japanese)*| ||Seung Park & Shii *(English)*| |**Relations**|*Parent story*: [Uta](https://vndb.org/v289)| **Description** >A short side story to Plain Song. --- #### Troubleshooting **For modern Windows machines**, if you're experiencing issues with these visual novels despite fiddling around with compatibility settings, you might consider setting up a virtual machine running Windows XP 32-bit or maybe Windows 7 32-bit. It's a very easy process, and if you're a fan of reading older visual novels or playing older games, it makes life so much better. --- #### Credit Credit goes to the wondrous people who not only preserved these but shared them too.

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