Lupin III - Fujiko Mine's Lie [English Subtitles]

2019-08-26 08:33 UTC
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Translated using Anime Land's MKV: Synopsis (from Anime News Network): Fujiko Mine is on the run with Gene, a boy who knows the location of a stash of $500 million dollars that his deceased father embezzle from the compnay Godfrey Mining. The boy is targeted by Bincam, an assassin hired by Godfrey Mining with a mysterious ability that allows him to been a person’s will. Bincam’s whole body has been honed down from his teeth to finger nails that makes him a walking deadly weapon. So deadly that he has to be restrained when he is not hunting down targets.

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Tsama (uploader)

If you already have a RAW and just want the subs:!LuJR3IpT!M68-8w06IY3k_-DIsUCqp4BdJCJG9lAgZCbnE-GnqwY
Tsama-chan, you bloody genius! Thanks for this!
Literate subtitles, many thanks!
Thanks for subbing this. Is anyone seeding well though? The download speed isn't that great.
Thank you!!! I love you!!!
Thanks so much for this, I was going crazy waiting
Tsama thank you very much
Thank you so much!!
Hey @Tsama, can you translate the lastest Lupin TV special? Thanks
@TSAMA im lupinfanatic thank you!!! just register to leave this comment. can i ask do you have more projects in mind? appreciated it your work.

Tsama (uploader)

@a3onx I mainly focus on Lupin TV specials and theatrical movies because their releases are sporadic enough that I have plenty of time to work on them. Last year was pretty special with FOUR releases.
mega link is dead don't know if this is the same one since i had it lying around for a while but here: