Bleach v68-v74 (2016-2018) (digital) (aKraa)

2019-08-22 20:20 UTC
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1.1 GiB
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  • Bleach v68-v74 (2016-2018) (digital) (aKraa)
    • Bleach v68 (2016) (digital) (aKraa).cbz (161.1 MiB)
    • Bleach v69 (2017) (digital) (aKraa).cbz (147.6 MiB)
    • Bleach v70 (2017) (digital) (aKraa).cbz (140.0 MiB)
    • Bleach v71 (2017) (digital) (aKraa).cbz (162.1 MiB)
    • Bleach v72 (2018) (digital) (aKraa).cbz (173.7 MiB)
    • Bleach v73 (2018) (digital) (aKraa).cbz (173.5 MiB)
    • Bleach v74 (2018) (digital) (aKraa).cbz (166.1 MiB)
Kami ! I'm blessed
Thanks... Finally completed. One Piece v91 in your size please....
Wow! Finally complete. Thank you so much. Can you rip Shonen jump's Beelzebub in high resolution? Please!
Finally. Updated and final version!
Thankss... if you don't mind could you also rip Bakuman in hd? I wonder if someone manipulated the [original rips]( - the quality is very bad.
Would you please upload from vol.1 to vol.67
Hi, I can't find the vizdigital v66 and v67 anywhere on the net if any of you good people have them it would be great to put them on nyaa Thanks!
Could someone help me here. There are 2 seeders but unable to download even a single bit. Please can someone seed properly or can you give Direct download link or something. It would be really helpful.
v01-74: MEGA by VIZ Media: [Here](!tUkDUQgA!j2vfQ6XRu6q1JqzHX4VbrA)
I cant seem to find the viz digital volumes 66 and 67, every link that I find is off, can anybody upload them and send a link? Thanks!
@Hakuryuu_Ren Can you please re-upload the Mega link please? It seems to be down. Thanks in advance
[Bleach v68 (2016) (digital) (aKraa).cbz](!ZTx0maCY!Wf1gX_R03HwwmNk7JmQKQTHuK4RwMla3IDDKi3DUfjk) ***61.1 MB*** [Bleach v69 (2017) (digital) (aKraa).cbz](!xf4AlS7Q!ZSsUtemvToRn04xHVYQ3QVmzrFaQWHIVjdvMLXpGn3s) ***54.0 MB*** [Bleach v70 (2017) (digital) (aKraa).cbz](!IDgSEAQY!hmF3NuJXDzaQZUJqu-WZ8VcnxYoUCftqFNwZLJdtKJI) ***47.4 MB*** [Bleach v71 (2017) (digital) (aKraa).cbz](!AH5wRABY!DqIi5w0SB6gKaPhnTZcUyMgb1Zn-qCQA2Ly0S_CDGLE) ***64.1 MB*** [Bleach v72 (2018) (digital) (aKraa).cbz](!1f5mCCLC!-Bt8doS8SBs6QvAJV6YA6KMCaULy2pLPNk089l9Q5a4) ***66.5 MB*** [Bleach v73 (2018) (digital) (aKraa).cbz](!tGxkSA4S!K7HO0rliJX-BUVLnoZd1Yljjh9SIRdSXNSQxRQ37TfQ) ***62.7 MB*** [Bleach v74 (2018) (digital) (aKraa).cbz](!ZSgmFaTb!-wIuCWSQ6XSj_Pz_c_wah-UGelo1A18zxctYrRdR8g0) ***57.4 MB*** I have re-encoded v66-v67 ***[here](*** This is my effort to promote ***WebP*** format in a #savemybandwidth movement. The quality is ***NEARLY identical*** from original. YACreader and Sumatrapdf is able to read these cbz. I have not tested other comic reader but I will assume they are up to date with image format technologies. I have re-encoded the source with [ImageMagick]( with the follow batch command line parameters. ``` for /R %%f in (*.jpg, *.png) DO ( magick -quality 50 -define thread-level=4 -define webp:method=6 "%%f" "%%~pf%%~nf.webp" ) ``` If anyone plans to convert their bleach 01-74 viz library to webp and upload it. Please message me. I'm in dire need of it :)
@aKraa Is there any way you can upload Bleach volume 45? Because it seems the batch file that contains the volume seems to be missing a page. Page 160. Thank you.
@komawoyo can you please upload the mega for v68-74 again the above link seems to be down thanks
Guys seed plzz.. or new MEGA links if available ...
is the seed count fake cause this shit wont download now for 3 days </3
@BochiNibuku Bleach v68-v74 (2016-2018) (digital) (aKraa):
@Hakuryuu_Ren Can you please re-upload the Mega link please?
[Bleach v68 (2016) (digital) (aKraa).cbz]( "") ***(161.1 MiB)*** [Bleach v69 (2017) (digital) (aKraa).cbz]( "") ***(147.6 MiB)*** [Bleach v70 (2017) (digital) (aKraa).cbz]( "") ***(140.0 MiB)*** [Bleach v71 (2017) (digital) (aKraa).cbz]( "") ***(162.1 MiB)*** [Bleach v72 (2018) (digital) (aKraa).cbz]( "") ***(173.7 MiB)*** [Bleach v73 (2018) (digital) (aKraa).cbz]( "") ***(173.5 MiB)*** [Bleach v74 (2018) (digital) (aKraa).cbz]( "") ***(166.1 MiB)***
Our savior is here @Azu-nyan