[RabidWulfe] Fate stay night Heaven's Feel II. lost butterfly English subs

2019-08-22 17:11 UTC
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Subs for Heaven's Feel Movie II Lost Butterfly. Original subs are a mix of [docodemo444’s](https://nyaa.si/user/docodemo444) work on the Cam Rip and the official subs I retimed this for the Official release. Also I reworded things to make more sense in English. Includes Signs, Songs (English Translation), and Custom Fonts. Here's a direct link as well: https://www.mediafire.com/file/kfu7oj1nn7m6gad/%5BRabidWulfe%5D_Lost_Butterfly_Heaven%27s_Feel_Subs.ass/file I mostly made this for my personal use, and I'm releasing it in case other people want it. Enjoy!

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  • [RabidWulfe] Fate stay night Heaven's Feel II. lost butterfly English subs.ass (406.1 KiB)
Might wanna give fonts as well... The font name is just "Merriweather Sans" which is a font family name.
Thanks a lot for the work
Thanks for the work. ED song looks good. Will you be releasing a final version merging this and docodemo444's latest release? Here: https://nyaa.si/view/1169871
Is there a chance of raising the height of the subtitles? It's not that great of a look, for the subs to be practically touching the bottom of the screen. Also, I'm curious, was it your own English translation, or taken from elsewhere? There are at least a couple translations that have been a round for a while, I think.
thanks for your work on this. i do agree with Deviant on raising the height of the subtitles, but since these are for your own personal use of course it's a matter of your own personal preference.

RabidWulfe (uploader)

I have no problem raising them if people want them higher. I keep them that way mostly so I can see more action, but I can do it if that's what you guys want. I thought I embedded all the fonts in the file, but if that's not the case, I'll try to do it again.