Fate.Stay.Night Lost Butterfly fixed subs.

2019-08-22 14:01 UTC
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i dont normally do this, fixed and tweaked the cine subs to time with the bluray, i used [BDREMUX] Fate Stay Night Heaven's Feel II - Lost Butterfly as a test case. https://nyaa.si/view/1169334#comments

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  • Fate.Stay.Night.Heavens.Feel.II.Lost.Butterfly.2019.1080p.10Bit.BluRay.x264-aLD3N.srt (69.2 KiB)

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if it doesnt work, you can get it from here https://mega.nz/#!Bg8RHapZ!CBIdVs1AErmG5bnN6eCvw9QrF68kkVOemPmJMnR3u5M
There are better subs around but everyone just takes Aniplex (thinking),
The only subs worth their salt at this point will be OTL's.
Like Case Files, right? Reminder that the currently airing Fate show's best subs are an edit of Aniplex's subs. Not an OTL, because it's only Mad le Zisell's edit or Aniplex itself. No OTLs in sight
just because those are the best subs doesn't mean they're good
Camrip was OTL'd by anon. These subs are actually better than Aniplex ones. Guess folks are too lazy to fix desync.
I didn't say Mad was good. I just said you can't tell people to wait for an OTL when the current airing show has no OTL. Just aniplex, and an edit of Aniplex. So, redirect folks to what you think are good subs when they actually exist rather than make them hope for something that is likely to not happen. Hell, Kamiyan keeps mentioning his precious divine Camrip subs, but he and everyone else can't bother to even retime that. So, how can I trust anyone going further and doing an OTL? Because it's Fate and Fate is big? Case Files is also Fate and it has 0 OTL. Just aniplex and a dude editing Aniplex's subs. That's it.
So these the best currently available subs? Why do people keep being so vague and not directly linking you to what they are considering better subs than aniplex's?
I already linked it serveral times on different torrents though: https://animetosho.org/view/fate-stay-night-heavens-feel-ii-lost-butterfly.n1127731 anon OTL (needs timing)
>I didn’t say Mad was good. I just said you can’t tell people to wait for an OTL when the current airing show has no OTL. Just aniplex, and an edit of Aniplex. So, redirect folks to what you think are good subs when they actually exist rather than make them hope for something that is likely to not happen. why can't i tell people to do that? not watching an anime if it never gets decent subs is definitely a valid option. i've done it myself many times. there's thousands of anime out there to watch which actually have good subs.
To Kamiyan: Time and make it functional, or fuck off. And to Herkz: , it's fine and dandy if you love to do that personally. But others want to WATCH shows and your arrogant ass going "no watch because I don't approve of translation" is obnoxious. There might be other shows to watch, but no 2 shows are the same. And I want to watch THIS. Don't like it? Go make subs and link people to them. Else, shut your whiny ass up. People will take what they can, and your whining will change nothing. Now, making better subs? That would actually make people not watch shitty subs. We're pirates in here. We aren't supporting Aniplex and encouraging more of their shit subs by downloading their subs. Go whine at people who buy their releases: THOSE are the ones that keep Aniplex doing their shit. But people here? They don't matter, so why the fuck do you even care so much to act like sub police and try to force people to wait for "decent subs" that may never come?
well, bad subs ruin anime. in some cases, they literally cause people to completely misunderstand what happens on a mass scale. tons of times i've seen the english-speaking fanbase for an anime reach a totally wrong conclusion about what happened in a scene because of bad subs (with revue starlight being a good recent example). i don't see how you can think it's okay for shit like that to happen just because you *need* to consume it. besides, your logic of "whine at the people who buy them" is dumb. people who need subs can't judge if they're any good. that's literally why bad official subs continue to exist. thus why people who can judge are telling people whether they are good or not. your argument basically boils down to "ignorance is bliss." you can fool yourself into thinking you aren't ruining the anime by watching it with bad subs all you want, but it doesn't change the truth. btw i have actually tried telling the people giving aniplex money how much aniplex sucks and they basically reacted how you did just now, where they don't care because they want to watch the anime no matter what. i don't think it matters whether you paid for subs or not. even doing what you said and making better subs and telling people to watch them instead didn't work. got any other suggestions?
Give up, then. Oh someone misunderstands your precious jap cartoon , what a tragedy. Clearly not watching the show they want to watch is better than the horror of not completely understanding what is going on You CAN criticise subs. You can't however expect people to not watch what they have available. Move on and deal with it. It's sad that this is how it is, but people will keep using whatever they can find. I wish all shows could get decent subs that allow people to understand what's going on, but still misunderstanding is better than outright not being able to watch the show
@herz can you give some examples why their official subs are bad? I dont watch english so I want to better understand the context.
can any one confirm if this sub is good