[Nigel][Fate stay night Heaven's Feel II.lost butterfly][Movie][720P][BDrip][AVC AAC YUV420P8].mkv

2019-08-20 20:04 UTC
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My upload speed is shit so i provided DDL. Shitty release for ungrateful people DDL:https://mega.nz/#!6HgzWYzL!gHkbke53Pevfkmgmrp8iy_M8Na9JU4cXDuUqSTP6wDA

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  • [Nigel][Fate stay night Heaven's Feel II.lost butterfly][Movie][720P][BDrip][AVC AAC YUV420P8].mkv (934.4 MiB)


God bless you.
WHOOOO! pity it's 720.. but still.. WHOOO!
1080p BD Rip or get the fuck out.
720p lol fuck off
Ungrateful wee assholes. At least its something
>934.4 MiB What is this, 2006?
thanks but how good this sub ?
If the file size isn't 16 GB + you know it's crap. :)
>Ungrateful wee assholes. At least its something but bdmv is already up, theres no excuse for poor encodes
Ungrateful? Dude rushed out a shit encode just so he could be first.
why do I feel like this one is cropped? like someone took the earlier version and cropped the part with subs?
Probably cause it is. The first upload following a BD release is almost always complete garbage for desperate impatient fags. A good upload will be at least 24 hours after.
I watch stuff in 720p, so I'm glad there's still people encoding in that size. Not only is less painstaking to download, it's also better for storage. People sure are damn demanding these days, for goodness' sake.
That's nice and all @xxxrb, but this looks like it's going to be immensely starved and not filtered properly. I know they say that one man's trash is another man's treasure, but I'd rather people not consume trash.
I am in awe of the trash people who post here..simply amazed. how can they get any worse or be any ruder? well done btw, thank you for posting this
Why the fuck would anybody in 2019 still be wanting to watch stuff in anything less than 1080p? Why would you not want to experience something in the best possible quality when it is available to you? Especially for a film like this. This film deserves nothing but the absolute best visually.
@faffywaffle not everyone wants all their files, especially individual movies, to be "16 GB +"
I shall make this torrent my home for the next 12 hours, Entitlement HQ, hating on this garbage upload until some divine saviour rescues us :)
maybe instead of complaining you could buy the BD yourself and make your own encode, since, y'know, you seem to know a lot about this sort of stuff :)
@Cosmic If you are someone who just wants to watch it once and be done with it, I don't see the problem, just throw it away afterwards. But if you want to keep the file, then ok I somewhat understand, but then again, it's 2019. TB HDDs are cheap as fuck so storing large files isn't as inconvenient as it once was. Unless people are still living in the stone age with their 250-500 GB hard drives, half of which has already been taken up by their OS xD
My pre-order won't be here until tomorrow, even then, I can't sub. So I won't be of any use except uploading.... It's FUCKING RAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWW. You FUCKING DONKEY.
For anyone wondering, I just took a look at the subtitles files and it’s very similar if not the same as the one that was with the cam version from a few months ago, so if you didn’t like that translation then you won’t like this one. Subs are good imo but my problem is with the quality and the cropped video
@FaffywaffleTV Most anime aren't even native 1080p, just fyi. This movie isn't even native 1080p, it's native 855p (like most ufo works) @cosmic Don't worry, already on it.
Those subs were good for what they were, cam rip subs for the cam rip for desperate fags who couldn't wait for the film to be released in their country, or if you were like me, their piece of shit country doesn't give a fuck about anime and didn't bring the film to that country and you couldn't bare to wait 7 months for the BD so you went and settled for the shitty cam rip. Those subs are not appropriate for BD, the subs didn't label any signs in any scenes in the movie, and on numerous occasions, there weren't even any subs for the people talking on screen and dialogue was therefore missed. SHIT UPLOAD.
@LightArrowsEXE since when is anything native to what they claim to be these days. Even consoles like Xbox couldn't native to 1080p. What I was trying to get at was just wanting to get the best possible experience/quality out of something you have been looking forward to for ages, and not settling for anything less. And ofc, this is Ufotable were are talking about, watching their stuff in anything but the best quality is heresy.
https://nyaa.si/view/1169310 LMFAO! 38 GB UPLOAD. NOW THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT BOYZ xD But ofc, it's in the 'what the fuck am I suppose to do with all this shit?' format. Someone will need to clean that up ^^
@LightArrowsEXE ETA?
@aHalokid Low effort encode, since the BDMV quality is generally pretty solid. Encoding will take a while, though. And it'll just be raws, so grab subs from this or some official BDMV.
@FaffywaffleTV Do you think everyone is rich? i have a 720p monitor not even make sense to download something in 1080p. And here is not cheap as you talked.
Are you for real? I literally just googled 'cheap 1080p monitors', you can buy one for as low as 20 bucks off ebay. 1080p monitors are over 15 years old, unless you are going for gamer brands with 144-240 hz refresh rate, a bog standard 1080p monitor costs almost nothing. It's all about 4k monitors now.
just came for the comments. Yes BDMV is UNDENIABLY BETTER but there isn't really a need to trash the upload is there?? In the end we're all here to enjoy this awesome movie. I'm downloading the BDMV like most of you complaining so why are you here in the comments of another upload pissing your pants.
@betazephaniel The BDMV was not up on Nyaa until after most of those comments surfaced.
I just want to say thank you to uploader. In third world countries storage is expensive, monitor is also expensive, even internet is expensive. Everyone who wants higher resolution can download it in another upload. Honestly, the uploader gain almost nothing for being first sacrificing the video resolution alone.
Thanks so much
Well, with all this fight going on in the comment section, I guess this isn't the site for mobile users. :\ Thank you uploader.
AWWWWW SHIIIIIT BRO!!! Just woke up and my downloads are finished!!! Time to go wank off! GACHIGASM
Could you please upload a 1080p DDL?
WHERE ARE THE FANSUBS AT?!?!?! Can someone save us from these fuck awful official subs???!!! D:<
@FaffywaffleTV I didn't see any bonus sex scenes besides the one I saw in the theater.