[ZetaRebel] Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative (Dual Audio) (BD x264 1080p 8-bit DTS-HD MA)

2019-08-20 19:23 UTC
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![Imgur](https://i.imgur.com/eQP5ssG.jpg) I totally haven't had this encoded and waiting to be posted for like 2 months... Ending lyrics: ZetaRebel (I couldn't find a decent translation of the song in English so it's only Romaji lyrics, if a good translation pops up somewhere I'll do another version)

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Gundam is one of the pillars of the foundation of anime thank you for your attention to this classic. Without Gundam there would be no Anime today really ..not with the breadth and scale and excellent we have. Generations trained in the Gundam universe. thanks for your efforts.
Another great share!!!
Anyone who watches anime should include at least one Gundam series in their collection, other than Gundam Wing. Me? I prefer every series, but if I had to choose I'd go with Cosmic Era & Gundam 00. Cosmic Era was the 1st time I ever watched a Gundam series in its entirety in English (granted edited English dub with the "Disco Guns".)
All Gundam is the way to go. Even the little strange living Gundam character series if your able to put up with it. All Gundam Anime ever created has been created in the same excellent way by the best Animators who by their very nature are unyielding perfectionists. Cutting corners simply wont do. Even right now as Anime has been forced to go thru changes it shouldn't by a company that has no right to force them but they have And it's way worse than subtitle errors. I call it. funimation crash and burn campaign There after China Anime next with the Trump President. Still trying to control evolution. It's going to find a way it always does