Skill of Lure [ENG][Complete][DhruboZ][Must Read]

2019-08-19 12:15 UTC
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Everyone should probably read this manhwa, so seed it and share it until they do. **In case you wanna read the plot summary, reviews, ratings, etc.:** Source: Half/most of the images are no better than what you can find in online manga readers. All of the images were massively bloated, it looks like someone took JPGs and converted them into uncompressed PNGs, some ending up as large as 16MB/image. I converted these back to JPGs, to preserve as much detail as possible i disabled color subsampling and used 98% quality setting, as a result the new files are on average 7-8% of the 'originals' size, but the same quality, so instead of ~8GB you only have to download and archive ~520MB. I also replaced 3-4 chapters in the last volume with slightly better quality ones and fixed 2 images in photoshop, plus i removed most of the credits and intro images, one per volume is enough, and speaking of volumes, MAL says there are 7 of them, but i couldn't find what chapter whent in which so i guesstimated. This is not an official translation or english release (i wish it was). You can just unzip the volumes if you want individual chapters or to read them as images, i used to read them like that until i found continuous scrolling (using SumatraPDF as a cbr/cbz reader). Again please seed it, at least until you finish reading it, all you have to do is literally nothing, i won't be able to seed this for more than a few months.

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  • Skill of Lure [DhruboZ]
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Great Manhwa I'll seed for the next decade.
I remember this manhwa. Poor MC. xD
Thanks for this.
Thanks!! Don't read Manhwa, but I'll try this.
Please upload more manhwa! and Thanks