[HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaiba - 20 [1080p].mkv

2019-08-17 16:39 UTC
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1.3 GiB
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  • [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaiba - 20 [1080p].mkv (1.3 GiB)
Corupted... Sad kappa
The file is corrupted at 16:10
Corrupted again lul
Why you lie its not corrupt im watching it now via VLC player
damn it got hit with the big gay
can confirm works just fine on vlc
Can conform it does not work with MPC-HC or SMPlayer.
Can confirm it is corrupted!
Still waiting for Torn.
Its working fine on kmp
Using mpv. No problems at all.
works fine in MPC-BE
Roger that minna! **@abyssd :** It works on VLC but may not work on other players, it happens sometimes... either way good for you buddy **:D**
Work fine, y'all probably use an ancient version of MPC. ![nigga](https://i.imgur.com/WGVJSDQ.png)
Played it in all the latest versions of MPC-HC, MPV (MK's Version) and PotPlayer and all crash around the 16:10 mark. Erai version plays without issue though.
For those for whom it's corrupted...check your file size. I just did and it's only 9xx mb, rather than the size above. I'm just starting the torrent again and it checked the file and is now downloading the remainder. So perhaps that'll work for others too? Probably not corruption if it is that then.
Can confirm it works now. So for those for whom the file cuts off at 16:10, just download it again in the same directory, as chances are the entire file didn't download (for whatever reason).
Yeah thanks, somehow my file was corrupted for some reason - redownloading/rechecking fixed it.
Re-download does fix it, strange how for so many people it was corrupted even though it reached 100% in client.
Yeah...something must have temporarily went wrong with the actual torrent rather than the file if it happened for so many (I'd wager that all of us affected probably downloaded it around the same time as well).
Can confirm that a re-download (or perhaps a recheck) fixes the problem.