Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden [Archibald Grims Edit].7z

2019-08-15 01:38 UTC
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#### **Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden** #### English Translated by Aeon Genesis #### Archibald Grims patch **Rundown:** Aeon Genesis originally translated SRW Alpha Gaiden sometime in antiquity. Good as it was, it had a few small errors, not limited to: **+** Translation errors **+** UI glitches, such as menu flickering **+** Assorted grammar/spelling issues Etc. Archibald Grims, /m/ tripfriend, created this patch to address those errors His patch even covered some small additions, such as adding some dummy units and sub pilots that went unused into the game (Kuro and Shiro, Beauty and Reika etc). Sadly, the original torrent is/was/will be dead as hell, so myself and intrepid anons sought to recreate the patched version using raw patch files. To make sure this annoying garbage never happens again, here are ALL OF THE RESOURCES one could EVER need. **Direct Download:** [Download](!CgIWxa6B!Ze3-Q-GiExmerWuEhRKqUv-MhX7nPmMiQNj5tM4t6jA) **Raw Patch Files:** [Download](!r5omjSJI!fe3qZ0OnBiN7r6vPk7zC0crasQM_wklh4ywqMnC5_Zw) **| Mirror:** [Sendspace Link]( **xDelta Patch I created JUST IN CASE:** [Download](!OpwQHA6R!fUAUC00sishB9bEm8hOcZ8umWj3atLuZHdNBgJJY27Q) **+** Apply xDelta patch directly to "Super Robot Taisen Alpha Gaiden (Japan) (v1.2) [En by Aeon Genesis v0.95b]", which you can [download here](!Hsp0GIjC!fheWp2lqGonIgeh81QuGK4VZloVnLL8HWcoG5UC4EEs). **+** If you're really stupid and want to use an xDelta patch but don't know how CUE sheets work, rename the patched file to the title of this torrent, and [download the CUE here](!rtYQkKqB!CsrMwpXe1ILkmIUSDJooXMbK1ChvYo2qk2ePTyUj4bQ). never ask me for anything ever again

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  • Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden [Archibald Grims Edit].7z (362.5 MiB)
why are you so angry friend? did someone force you to make a torrent of this?
Because friend digital preservation is srs bsns, and I would not have had to fail for two days straight at trying to mod the game with the raw files if I could just download it in the first place.
He released a V2 a while ago!yy5DiYLT!nHlkqprsBwP5hzwuCoYQdA here is the game pre patched, for those interested.