[JPSDR] Riding Bean OAV [BDRip][1440x1080 H264 Hi10P TrueHD 2.0]

2019-08-14 19:59 UTC
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If you are a noise lover or don’t mind it, you have already sevaral releases. But, if you are like me, and noise hurt you as much as rubbing sand in your eyes, this release may interest you. All process were done directly from the japanese Blu-Ray. Video is denoised. Subtitles are from the **A_FanRips** release. Original: ![](http://jpsdr.free.fr/XBMC/Riding_Bean-1b.jpg "") Full size [here](http://jpsdr.free.fr/XBMC/Riding_Bean-1a.jpg). This release : ![](http://jpsdr.free.fr/XBMC/Riding_Bean-2b.jpg "") Full size [here](http://jpsdr.free.fr/XBMC/Riding_Bean-2a.jpg).

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Still great as always, thanks. Oh JPSDR, are you going to follow up on Tenchi Muyo Ryo Ohki S3 and S4 at the same level as the previous one? Oh and if you want to do the Slayers BDJP too, thank you very much.

jpsdr (uploader)

Tenchi S3 (and S4 very recent) are not "old ways" cells on film, but digital production, with no need of denoising. So, i have nothing to contribute on it (and i'll not do them), there is allready releases of S3 & S4, i suggest you take these. Slayers... Unfortunately, the BDJP are a total sh** ! It's an upscale, they probably used the DVD masters, video is 29.97, it's not a proper new film remaster at 24fps. Unless there is another BDJP of Slayers since the one i've seen, i don't know all... ^_^ But as a Slayers fan, it was a very very big disapointment.
Quiet, I wanted the S3 and S4 of your version because it has DTSHD audio, but if you don't think it's necessary, I respect your opinion, and thanks for your attention xD.
Thanks for this! Shame to hear about Slayers TV BD's, but probably one advantage is at least the Audio quality is better(I hope). Still, I hope you or someone else will still consider it! It's still one of the better ones for the TV series. At least the Movies already have BD's. Thanks for this share as always!