The Promised Neverland v11 (2019) (digital) (aKraa)

2019-08-14 15:46 UTC
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thanksss.. could you rip Demon Slayer?
**Thanks aKraa!*** ^New Demon Slayer volumes would be appreciated as well if you have any interest in that series.
LuCaZ said kimetsu has many errors. So I wonder anybody would be ripping those volumes until they're fixed. Thanks akraa for continuing to rip tpn. hope youd continue japanese volumes too.
Thanks a lot! Looking forward to your Food Wars v31
Thank you so much. Sadly, starting next volume things get so.... weird. The series loses its charm and cleverness and things are fast paced and rushed enough to appreciate.
thank you :-) ... this is a really great twisted story :-) ... hopefully you will do a repack version also :-) why do I get the impression that Emma dies in order to reforge the promise
komugi, nah, she will rather have to lose something important, like her memories and/or feelings. or she will have to live forever alone, staying as a guard between the two worlds, or something like that (just my guess, of course) I agree, manga became a little bit dubious (and why do demons have their own god while humans don't? that's somehow unfair)
@ Ryuuneko ... yeah, it is a possibility that she ends up like the guy who forged the first promise, and has to be a guard between the two worlds ... but I kind of don't think that will happen because the promise she wants to forge says that after all the cattle children cross over to the human world, it will then be impossible for humans or demons to cross between the worlds, so no guard would be required ... the reason I suspect she will die, is because all the high ranking demons LOVE to eat the brains of really smart humans, because it keeps them super smart compared to the rest of demon kind ... and that IS the top ranking demon she is talking to, and I expect he is the one that the special festival/ceremony is for, the one that happens in a few days (story time), that all the demon nobility have gathered for ... as for the demons having a god, and the humans not ... I suspect that is just a plot device to try to show that the demons are more "human" than they seem ... I suspect that the humans (in the human part of the world) do have a god (or multiple gods), the story just doesn't focus on them ... except for a very few ch's, the story has always focused on the humans living in the demon's part of the world, and the demons themselves