Velvet Kiss v01-04 (2012-2014) (Digital) (Lovag-Empire+Anonymous1234)

2019-08-14 04:29 UTC
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![](   #### Vol 1-3 ripped by Lovag-Empire, Vol 4 by me. All credit to him (and me I guess?).     ![](

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Thanks a lot bro. Now this is complete!
Very much needed during cold summer morning. Thank you boya!
finally volume 4!
Hmmmm.... Mangaupdates says this is a hentai? And project h also suggest the same. Maybe this should go in sukebei?
Great share and this is such a Perfect Timing! I was actually just searching a couple of Ecchi shares. And it seems that Lovag and Tentacle Empire used to upload a huge amount of Project H collections (wonder why they'd stop?). Do you happen to know where to get all of these shares? I kinda want to do a H-manga collection of all of these works in one share(just like Danke Collections). Probably upload it on Sukebei or even here if it's allowed. Also, know if there's any new group actually doing ripping of Project H shares nowadays? I know it's asking a lot. I just want to preserve all these rare materials :) Thanks for Velvet Kiss either way!

Anonymous1234 (uploader)

@gsk_: Found [some earlier Velvet Kiss torrents]( that have been here since 2013 so I doubt the mods would care about that. Velvet Kiss is pretty tame anyway. @SomaHeir: Not that I know of. Been eyeing a few stuff by Nakani too but haven't seen any rips so far.
Oh. I don't read ecchi so idk. Thanks for clarifying and for the rip as well.
@gsk: is pure boy btw when bokuben BD Vol 2? it's already out
thank you :-) SaHa used to be a great source for ecchi & hentai ... stuff like Cheers, Tail Chaser, Matatabi Panic, Boys Empire, and tons more
LOL ... I am a bit curious ... why do they bother calling this manga "explicit" when all it has invisible penises ? some of the stuff Saha did was WAAAAAAAYYYY better as far as being "explicit
It still shows explicit scenes, invisible penis or not. @SomaHeir: I might help with the Empire stuff, give me a day or two.
@ XRA9 ... that is sad, because what it actually shows is not actually much more explicit than some cosplay I have seen, especially cosplay among the furre (furry) community ... and yes, I have been a member of that community since the late 1960's
@Anonymous1234 Was the original source supposed to come in JPEG? Lovag's releases were in PNG8.

Anonymous1234 (uploader)

@BlackLash: Original source is JPEG.
@Anonymous1234 Great. Appreciate it!
@XRA9 Hey thanks! I await your collection!
@SomaHeir, find me on Discord if you haven't already.
**Velvet Kiss v01-04 (2012-2014) (Digital) (Lovag-Empire+Anonymous1234)** **v01: [Archive](** **v02: [Archive](** **v03: [Archive](** **v04: [MEGA](!yV0SHKrB!MBRZ0NfbV-fa2mIT1L7j57nWzVDTPhxWVtEYbSgO_cY)**