Your Lie in April - Coda (MDKM) (Easy Going Scans)

2019-08-13 13:01 UTC
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It is one of the manga of *Your Lie in April series*. Plot - *A story from Kousei and Tsubaki's childhood.* I found the chapters on MDKM. I renumbered files, added Cover, made an Index ( don't laugh at me for this I did Index just for clarification ). I removed Scanlator ads and credits. Instead, I mentioned credits separately in a folder for reference. credits for *Easy Going Scans* for making this available. I collected it and made it for archiving. Tho it's on mangarock, I prefer personal copies for archiving. Hoping that someone is/might searching/search, Im uploading. Im a noob, so any mistakes, please forgive. Finally, for those who want original chapters, I extracted 5 chapters and made them into single rar file and the link is here (files are unaltered, only archive files have been altered) :- Enjoy.

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Thanks for sharing! Some Omake Pages are missing from the first four chapters. I've asked Easy Going Scanlations to translate it, let's see if they are willing to do it or not.

Tsunade-Sama (uploader)

thanks senpai
Oppai_Senpai Page not there.
**@fenson** What Page? **@Tsunade-Sama** They declined!

Tsunade-Sama (uploader)

@Oppai_Senpai Oh no... anyways thanks for those raws.