[PAS] Penguin Highway (BD 1080p AAC) [DFF2C35A].mkv

2019-08-13 12:26 UTC
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It really took us six months after Myaa translated the damn thing in like 36 hours. Fuck. If anything goes wrong, blame sleepy K3 and expect a v2 patch later. Included is 5.1 audio (default), 2.0 audio and commentary. If the Italian BD ever goes up, there might be a v2 release with an encode based off it if it's better than the JP BD, along with smaller fixes if anything is found that isn't really important. MPV is the only player we support. No support will be given for any other player. If something else happens to work, great. If it doesn’t, it’s not our problem. #pa-subs@irc.rizon.net Recruiting competent translators to save more anime. Contact KoolKidsK on IRC or KoolKidsK#8146 on discord if interested. XDCC available on IRC when k3 finally goes to sleep and wakes up TL: Myaamori TLC: Unbased Edit: QQwerty Timing: wrd Song Styling: Myaamori Typesetting: N4O, Alen (laboratory sign, everything else was N4O) Encode: KoolKidsK QC: 堕落, wrd

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  • [PAS] Penguin Highway (BD 1080p AAC) [DFF2C35A].mkv (4.4 GiB)
Thanks! Time to watch it again!
i was just checking your site for it minutes ago thanks a lot.
Thanks friend. Edit: Added to my seedbox to help you out as thanks.
Is that real life? Thanks
Superb, thanks a lot!
Hot damn, it's finally here. Waiting for this was a whole ass journey, especially after being jebaited a million times by the status updates. A huge god bless and a big ass thank you to all of PAS. I've greatly appreciated your work on Carole & Tuesday and I extra appreciate all the decades of hard labor and love put into this movie. ;^) Also wanted to thank you for doing the Pancreas movie back then. That shit fucking ruined me. Too shocked to even cry.
Much appreciated.
Thanks! How’s the encode of the video compared to the full BD? Just wondering...
thanks i love penguins
Thanks for the release! Better late then never, and more importantly, people can finally watch the film in English now since absolutely no one has done a dual audio release with the English dub and the official Blu-ray subtitle translations yet. @uberasian You could just grab the subtitles for this release from AnimeTosho and mux them into the container with VCB-Studio's encode. Go look at the comparison shots between the BD source and the encode. https://nyaa.si/view/1132189


Cool. I wonder if the R1 BD will get ripped?
Thank you very much!
I've waited for this since January. Wonderful subs, thanks so much!
Thank u so much! I was thinking these subs had been forgotten about. I'm so glad I only watched a third of the film with crappy subs. Now I can finally watch it all with awesome ENG subs.
Thanks, wanted to watch it in french theater but I've only got the choice to watch it dubbed instead of subbed, then I'm good.
Line 880: I'll just disappear with a poof before they can turn **be** into a lab rat.
Cheers, fixed the typo on our end. We'll probably publish a patch or v2 or something with some updates at a later point. Holding off for a while to see if any other issues surface.
wow thanks sooooo much for the journal edits. so amazing being able to read that!!!! definitely time to rewatch after binging your name like 10 times lol...
Thanks a lot for this release !
I have the Italian BluRay, is there a guide on how to extract the files?
Almost a year now. Just wondering are you still planning to release a v2 or is this good enough?